How Coinremitter API Helps Merchants Accept Crypto Payments on Their Websites?

How Coinremitter API Helps Merchants Accept Crypto Payments on Their Websites?

Today most organizations/businesses are very well aware of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In addition, no matter if small businesses or large enterprises are now seriously considering accepting payment in cryptocurrency, especially in Bitcoin for goods and services.

There are many options available but there has to be one of the most popular ways to accept bitcoin as a payment to get started with a cryptocurrency payment gateway that offers a variety of services along with accepting payment in crypto.

Why Should You Accept Bitcoin Payments On Your Website?

Adding bitcoin payment for your business can boost your sales and increase the reputation of your store. When accepting payments every merchant is looking for transaction fees. Crypto payment processors like Coinremitter charge only 0.23% withdrawal fees.

The best thing about a bitcoin transaction is that once the blockchain processes the transaction, the merchant receives the amount of BTC payment in the wallet. So the merchants don’t have to pay any chargebacks.

If you have an online store and want to spread your business across borders then what could be best to accept payment in crypto? When you accept bitcoin payment, you don’t have to pay for foreign exchange or conversion fees as it’s a decentralized token.

Already 15,000 businesses are accepting bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin has become a popular asset now. And most people are using BTC so it represents to your customers that you are accepting bitcoin in your store.

How To Accept Bitcoin Using Coinremitter Plugin?

Coinremitter is the best payment gateway offering free open-source plugins. If any merchant is owning websites on WordPress, Magento, Opencart and Laravel, can easily integrate the Coinremitter plugin on their website.

Apart from that merchants can get free support in the integration gateway on their website. In order to integrate those free plugins, merchants don’t have to provide any ID and bank account details to Coinremitter. Merchants can get bitcoin payments easily and faster on their wallets if they use the Coinremitter plugin.

Apart from that if anything happens during the integration process, Coinremitter is providing free customer support for users and makes their crypto payment experience even better.

What If You Want To Use Coinremitter’s Bitcoin API?

If you don’t have websites in which Coinremitter is providing plug-in services, then you can use the Rest APIs document on your website.

For example, if you want to accept bitcoin on your Shopify store but Coinremitter doesn’t provide a plug-in for Shopify. Therefore, you can use the Bitcoin API document on your website.

Most importantly, these API documents are well-coded if you are a developer then you can easily understand them and easily integrate them. If you are not a technical person then you can hire a developer who can do this job for you. This is the only way you can use Coinremitter API.

However, these API documents are free. So any person who wants to accept bitcoin payments can use Coinremitter API and start accepting payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well.

A Payment Gateway For Developers

As we have discussed earlier the Rest API is a well-documented file only technical/developers can understand. Therefore, it’s the best opportunity for developers to help merchants.

If one of your clients wants to integrate crypto payments on his website in order to accept easy crypto payments, then you would need the most reliable API that you can use to integrate crypto payments.

Coinremitter provides the most reliable bitcoin API solution. It means merchants can easily get bitcoin and other crypto payments easily and provide safety for each transaction. Once merchants implement Coinremitter API, Coinremitter provides the best solution and best merchant experience.


Once you start accepting Bitcoin as payment there is no way back. And on top of that when you get connected with a payment gateway like Coinremitter then you will get top-notch services such as coin listing, gas station and many more.

In the context of Coinremitter API and Open Source plugin service, now you all are well aware of how Coinremitter is helping their merchants throughout their journey and making the accepting payment service better.

If you also want to start accepting payment on your website then you can visit the Coinremitter website and read the important stuff, integrate API on your website and start accepting payment in cryptocurrencies all around the world from your customers.

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