Home Maintenance You’ll Need Experts for—5 Important Rules

Home Maintenance You’ll Need Experts for—5 Important Rules

DIY projects are all the rage! Stories like the lady who built an entire home for her and her kids are enough to inspire the rest of us to give it a go, right? Not so fast!

Not every task you see is really as easy as it seems on a YouTube video. You may be causing more harm and risk than helping yourself save some money. There’s a good reason why even for matters like cutting trees and dealing with blocked drains Sunshine Coast locals still trust the experts. We’ve compiled a list of scenarios where it’s a much better idea to ask for help.

Why You Can’t Always DIY

You may prefer DIY because it saves you money, but other possible outcomes include:

  • You risk spending more if you do something wrong and damage equipment, components or the infrastructure of your home. You’ll end up calling the experts anyway and pay for their services along with the materials you bought for your DIY attempt.
  • What if you place someone’s life at risk? You may not be aware of certain dangers in performing the task or you could cause a gas leak without knowing it.
  • Working with heavy items could cause injuries to your back, resulting in medical expenses.
  • An error in your work could have a ripple effect, such as escalating utility costs.

At least consult an expert at your local hardware store before you start any DIY tasks and use our list below to avoid unnecessary problems.

Experts—When to Call Them

Plumbing is Usually Off Limits for You

You’ll find an abundance of tutorial videos but please don’t think yourself a plumber. A challenge with plumbing is that it’s difficult to determine the exact cause of problems like low pressure or blocked drains. The infrastructure is intricate, and you won’t know what working in one section is impacting in other parts of your home’s plumbing.

Also, plumbing and electrical infrastructures are often close to each other, so working inside the walls to fix an issue yourself isn’t wise. Even installing your new dishwasher is best left to an expert, especially if you need to drill holes in a cupboard for pipes. These appliances require both plumbing and electrical work, so it can get complicated.

Electrical Problems—You Need Help

Talking about your electrical infrastructure, this is another area you shouldn’t have too much to do with. There are obvious tasks left to your electrician such as replacing an electrical box, but don’t even attempt adding a new light fixture yourself. Faulty electrical work carries fire risks, so don’t sacrifice the safety in your home just to save a few dollars.

Tip: is your trees’ branches close to electrical lines near your home? Call an expert because one misstep could result in you touching a high voltage line. The danger of working with or near electricity is never to be taken lightly in any context.

A New Window—Not as Easy as it Looks

The problem with replacing windows is that you won’t even know you’re making a mistake, but the consequences are considerable. You need to ensure there are no gaps between the wall, the window frame and the pane. If you miss anything there won’t be efficient insulation and you may lose heat easily. This could mean your air conditioning unit will work much harder than is necessary, increasing your electricity expenses.

Also, it’s always risky working with glass, because you can cut yourself or shatter the glass by handling it wrong.

Roof Problems Means Danger

Yes, the roof problem you discover can be small. Perhaps there’s a tiny leak or a shingle has shifted or got cracked. Unfortunately, a lot goes into fixing that problem and if you get something wrong, you’ll make it much worse.

One challenge is working on the roof without causing more damage. Moving around up there could result in beams, shingles or other items in your roof structure cracking. Also, the cause of a leak isn’t always as obvious as you think. Your ‘fix’ could only be a temporary remedy and you’ll pay for experts to do an investigation anyway.

Of course, getting onto the roof is a dangerous task; one best left to the experts with appropriate safety gear.

Building and Renovation

Renovation work seems inviting because it often looks like a way to live out your creative side. After completing a wall in your unfinished attic or knocking down a wall to create an open plan kitchen, you can paint and decorate to your heart’s content.

Here’s the problem. Without the proper architectural drawings and knowledge about supporting walls and wall bearing structures, you may remove essential parts of your building. This puts lives at risk. Also, what if you hit an electrical line or a plumbing pipe while you’re having your fun?

Keep your creativity for decorating after all the building is done and leave demolition and construction to the experts.

Final Word

It doesn’t always pay to be too proud. You may need to say ‘help’ in order to ensure the best outcome and prevent regret. These home maintenance scenarios are excellent examples. If you have a story to share to help others learn a lesson on DIY vs using experts, please share below.

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