Four Tips to Build an Impressive Corporate Website

Four Tips to Build an Impressive Corporate Website

Your website is the forehead of your business, regardless of its type. Nowadays, people’s initial judgment about a business reputation pretty much depends on how impressive the business website is. Thus, having an impressive website is necessary for all businesses of any type these days.

Now, we would like to talk about how to build an impressive corporate website.

Corporate website categorizes under informational website category. Informational website is about providing comprehensive information to relevant audiences about the available products and services to be supplied through the website owner. However, the actual purchasing transaction accomplishes offline, due to the nature of the business. For example, think of a car sales company that sells a wide range of used cars. The business owner, who has got his very professional website already, uses the website in order to promote cars, inform people about special offers, provide informative content about every single car they have on display and much more information. However, a car cannot be purchased online. The actual deal should be carried out offline in the car yard, where both customer and the dealer agree on the price, money is paid, paperwork is done and the car is handed over to the customer.

Now that we have an initial understanding about informational websites, we will discuss how to have an impressive corporate website as a subcategory of informational websites.

1-  Simple and attractive appearance

According to many surveys, you have only 8 seconds to get the user’s attention and attract him/her to your website. Furthermore, your corporate website, in users’ mind, represents your business professionalism and trustworthiness. You should avoid a crowded website with lots of pop-ups and inconsistent coloring and fonts. Also, your website design should be in line with the services you are providing. For example, if you own a rehab center, you should use calm and peaceful coloring and font type, in order to give a relaxation, healthy and well-being feeling to the users in need.

2-  Quality Content

Even though the content for a corporate website is not as important as it is for ecommerce, it still plays an important role for your website to be seen by users. You should be providing relevant, accurate and informative content for your audiences. There are many advantages associated with quality content for your website such as easy to be found by people in need, once search for a subject which is relevant to the services you provide and make people trust your business, once they see accurate and practical information on the subject they are looking for information about.

3-  Simple Navigation

Internet users who search for their needs on the internet, are after simplicity. They love to see a website that is quite easy and straightforward to work with. Hence, you should design your website to be easily understandable. For instance, you must categorize the services you are providing and add subcategories for every single service. The navigation bars should be in the right place and transparently visible, so users would be able to find their requirements as soon and easily as possible. Besides, a search box would help a lot, when some users don’t have enough time to search through the categories. Long story short, you must do your best to make things easy and fast for your visitors.

4-  SEO Standard

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important factor to be considered, when designing every type of website. SEO is a process which starts from the very beginning day of designing your website until forever. It’s an ongoing task and it never ends. As mentioned earlier, SEO enhancement starts at the design phase. It means, there are some standards and techniques to be complied with, when designing a website for companies, in order to make it SEO optimized at the design phase. SEO enhancement at the corporate web design phase is basically called UI/UX. UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. As for web design for companies, there are some factors such as fast loading pages, good-looking design, transparent website roadmap, mobile responsiveness, clear contact details and some other elements that should be considered and added in, at the design phase, so you will have a SEO enhanced website.

Dubai has become the commercial hub of the MENA region. There are many companies located in Dubai providing a variety of services. All these companies are in a tight competition to attract more customers and grow their businesses. This is not a simple task to do unless you have a very good business plan in place. One of the most important and effective tools is to have a very professional and informative corporate website, so your services will be presented to a wide range of people in need. If you are a business owner trying to grow your business and increase the number of your customers, you should have a company website that works for you. In case of having one and not satisfied with the outcome, you must think about redesigning it.

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