Five ways QR codes are used in the B2B industry

Five ways QR codes are used in the B2B industry

What are QR codes? 

QR code is a 2D barcode that stores information in a series of white and black square pixels. QR codes can store around 400 bytes of information, and they can store information like links, files, passwords, videos, and more. 

QR codes play a vital role in sharing information, and barcode scanners make it easy to scan QR codes efficiently. 

How are QR codes used in the B2B industry? 

QR codes help to provide users access to online information quickly after they scan barcodes with their devices. Hence, it has played an essential role in marketing and advertising. Given below are five ways QR codes are used in the B2B industry:

Use QR Codes As Call To Action

CTA has promoted businesses in developing customer engagement and connections. This led to CTA becoming a turning point in making more profit for organizations. For example, QR code integration helped to boost content conversions by 80%. It helps consumers to notice them and open them. This helps them receive the information, be it audio or video, and increases their sales.  

Add QR Codes in Print Marketing

Print marketing has been used for advertisement for an extended period. However, most people today also know about the products through print media only. Thus using QR codes in print media helps to increase customer engagement and interest. Therefore, it is an excellent strategy for using QR codes in the B2B industry.  

Add QR Codes on Product Presentations

Getting your customer’s interest in your products and services can take time and effort. Because of their short attention span, you need to develop more innovative ways to get their attention. For example, while providing your product presentation, you could add QR codes, and they could scan them for additional information. It helps to engage more and more customers, in turn increasing your sales.

Insert QR Codes On Business Cards

Inserting QR codes in your business cards is also an excellent way to convey the information you want to your customers. It is a unique way to tell your customers that you care about their opinion and helps to boost their interest in your organization.

Include QR Codes In Product Packaging

Another great strategy of QR codes in the B2B industry is including them in product packaging. Whenever customers receive your products, they’ll look QR code in them and scan them. They get to know the information about your organization which increases their engagement and your profit.

John Norwood
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