Few Best Options for Outdoor Tiles Meant Exclusively for Patio or Deck

Few Best Options for Outdoor Tiles Meant Exclusively for Patio or Deck

Most outdoor patios are usually made with unique form of masonries, e.g. poured concrete, or brick or stone paver products. However, you can also apply tile to a patio, and this option will offer you many more design options. Furthermore, laying tiles is a good way of dressing up an existing concrete or brick patio whilst it gradually grows old.

Skyscapesoffers patio and deck tiles that are made exotic wood and composite materials. These tiles are also ideal for condo balconies, as they fully abide by condo bylaws. You can also get maintenance-free flooring options like porcelain tiles for patios and porches.

Here are a few best options available for outdoor tiles that are meant for patio or deck:

1. Hardwood tiles

Exotic hardwood tiles are the best flooring option for decks and patios. They give an eco-friendly and classy look to you homes. These tiles have interlocking systems which allow for easy installation and removal. They can be installed over any surface as long as they are flat. You could go for thick hardwood tiles of 33mm. They are sturdy and will last for decades with minimal maintenance.

2. Porcelain tiles

You might think that the porcelain tiles are only used for the bathroom. There are a few exclusive porcelain tiles that can be used for outdoor use too. They are the ideal choice for your patios and porches, but are not used on decks.

Porcelain tiles give a rich and luxurious looks to your outdoor spaces and extensions. They are highly durable and will never degrade. Companies offer these porcelain tiles with warranty of 25 years, because these durable products will easily surpass the warranty period. They are ideal for rooftop decks, backyard patios, and balcony flooring.

3. Marble

Marbles are a little less hard and more porous. Hence they need sealing to withstand foot traffic and also the weather. Their unique quality offers sophisticated looks to outdoor spaces. However, they are very expensive and might not be the first choice to most condo owners. Also they their maintenance is expensive as they tend to change coiler due to external climatic conditions.

4. Limestone

Limestone is a much softer and more porous stone, so you will have to seal these tiles for protecting them from any stains and weather damage. Also, it shows wear and tear easily, so they will not be suitable for high traffic areas. Also, they can get cracked during cold winters, which is why they are not popular in Canada.

5. Travertine

Travertine is a certain specific type of limestone that is made up of mostly calcite. It has got a texture and composition, which is similar to regular limestone, but is a bit softer and also a little more brittle. They will need sealing before using outdoors as travertine tiles are very porous, like limestone. They don’t have long lasting quality.

6. Ceramic

Traditional ceramic tiles for floor are a quite acceptable choice for your outdoor patios, but only if they carry a PEI rating that indicate their strength. However, ceramic tiles are best only for the light-use patios, as they are not as strong as hardwood and porcelain.

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