Everything You Want To Know About An Escape Room

Everything You Want To Know About An Escape Room

Suppose you are locked inside a room, and you have one hour to escape. What will you do? How do you play this game? An escape room is a themed room where you have just one hour to complete the mission and come out of the room. To successfully escape the room, you and your team have to find clues, hints and solve various puzzles.

What is the game scenario?

Every escape room has an exciting theme and scenarios created in the room. For instance, you are in an escape room with a spacecraft theme with a meteor just hitting the ship.

You are locked in the room, and you have one hour before the oxygen runs out. You can open the lock only by finding the code. It’s a themed room where you will get any stories to act on.

Paranoia Quest has the best escape room where the rooms are designed as per various themes. You can book the escape room and enter it. It is such a rare place where the whole family can enjoy it. Also, escape rooms help in building team morale and the ability to problems solving.

An escape room is a 60 minutes real-life adventure game where you will find numbers under the rug or hidden behind walls. You have to find all clues for opening the door. Likewise, everywhere you look, and there will be a clue and code waiting to be cracked. But the moment you enter the room, the clock starts ticking.

Different game mechanics

. Multi-room games

Never assume that the game will take place only in one room. Besides, some of the games have many rooms. After solving many puzzles, you will be taken to a secret room behind the bookshelves or large mirror.

. Clues

All of the escape rooms have gamemasters that will be in the room or audible through the radio. Secondly, there will be free hints as well. You will find around three clues in some of the games when you get stuck in a puzzle.

Standard props used in the escape rooms

. Locks

There will be padlocks with combinations that will open by getting clues. There are key-based padlocks and five dial combinations. You will also find digital safe boxes.

. Tools

In the escape rooms, you will find screwdrivers, scissors to tell what the gamemaster wants you to open. Many a times, there will unscrew a box to get the clues. You never know what you will find.

. Answer key sheet

Many games will provide you with an answer key sheet where you will find various puzzle answers. There you will get the overall solutions.

. Countdown timer

There will be a countdown timer telling how much time is left. If there is a gamemaster, they will give reminders about the time. Sometimes the reminder is through speakers also.


Escape rooms are a great way to build connections and increase creativity levels. Just remember where you have seen what. That will help you to escape.

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