Everything You Should Know About HVAC Maintenance

Everything You Should Know About HVAC Maintenance

As every homeowner knows having a functional HVAC system that is in good working order is essential to the maintenance of your home’s heating and cooling. This critical system won’t take care of itself, but putting in a bit of effort ensures your heating and air conditioning units last for years to come.

Both systems could require some basic annual maintenance and more significant work every so often to maximize their performance and keep them in good condition. Fortunately, Hunt’s Services provides this HVAC service, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

Here’s a look at some vital information on HVAC maintenance for homeowners in Puget Sound.

Is Annual HVAC Maintenance Necessary?

How often your HVAC units require maintenance depends on the type of systems you’re operating.

If you only have a furnace, you can probably get away with servicing it once per year. At that time, you’ll want to change the filter, clean the area around the unit, and test the thermostat’s batteries if applicable. You can also check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors during this time.

Homes with an air conditioning unit will want to change their filters and check their condenser for leaks once per year. So, homes with a furnace and air conditioner will have some maintenance work every six months.

Because heat pumps are used for heating and cooling, cleaning their filters and checking their components every six months is advisable.

It’s worth noting that this is the bare minimum required for HVAC maintenance.

The good news is that your HVAC contractor can put you on a set maintenance schedule, leaving you with one less thing to worry about as the seasons change.

A Look at HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Although it’s possible to change your filters without a licensed HVAC contractor, these professionals provide other services that offer value.

When you book an appointment with a technician, you can trust they will inspect all essential HVAC components and provide service recommendations.

This service ensures your system works more efficiently and allows you to detect malfunctions early, reduce breakdowns, save money on heating and cooling, and keep your system running.

Your furnace and air conditioner have numerous moving parts that will wear down over time. As these parts break down, they put the rest of the system at risk of damage.

Booking an HVAC system tune-up every six months addresses damage like water leaks, broken heat exchangers, ignition system deterioration, and blown internal fuses. It can also reduce overheating, short cycling, and tripped breakers interrupting your heating or cooling service.

Proper HVAC maintenance will save you money overall, making it a good deal for homeowners in Western Washington.

What Proper HVAC Maintenance Entails

So, what exactly does HVAC maintenance include, and can you just do it yourself?

While this maintenance job is simple for a trained technician, it involves many steps, and a DIY service isn’t recommended unless you have experience.

A regular maintenance visit starts with a sequence operating check, followed by a thermostat testing, a review of the electrical connections, and lubrication of all moving components.

From there, the technician will inspect the power box, test the fan control, measure the airflow, check the amp and volt draw, and measure temperature fluctuations. The job then finishes with an inspection of the capacitor, contactor, and breaker.

Some specialized maintenance is necessary for furnaces and boilers, too. You wouldn’t want to mess around with the furnace without the proper training, but your technician will verify the operation of the safety controls, gas valve, and gas pressure. Inspecting the gas connection, ignition system, heating elements, sequencer, and oil filter are also necessary.

For an air conditioner or heat pump, the technician will check the refrigerant charge and connections, clean the condenser coil, clear the condensate drain, inspect the evaporator coil and compressor, and inspect the valves.

How to Service Your HVAC System

As you can see, HVAC maintenance is a massive job, and unless you have experience in the field, you’ll want to contact a professional contractor to assist with it.

However, as part of your basic maintenance work, you can clean your system and change the filters without assistance.

Cleaning your HVAC system is as simple as removing any dust and debris from around the physical units.

If you have an air conditioner outside your home, sweep up any grass clippings that have made their way into the unit and move tree branches and other waste. You can even use a vacuum or hose to remove any hard-to-reach debris.

Maintaining your indoor furnace involves changing the filters and using a soft cloth to remove any dust that accumulates on or around the unit. Make sure you purchase the correct size of filter when replacing it and insert the new filter the right way according to the airflow indicators.

HVAC Maintenance Plans

Of course, your contractor can create an HVAC maintenance plan for your home that ensures every aspect of your system is taken care of throughout the year. These plans provide you with priority scheduling and ensure any problems with your system are repaired immediately, eliminating downtime and saving you money.

Hunt’s Services offers HVAC maintenance in Seattle, Tacoma, and throughout King, Pierce and Thurston counties. Our team of experienced technicians will handle your HVAC tune-up and care in no time at all, reducing your stress as a homeowner.

Contact Hunt’s Services at 253-533-7500 to book an appointment or learn more about our maintenance services.

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