Everything You Need to Know About Ratchet Screwdriver Set

Everything You Need to Know About Ratchet Screwdriver Set

Whether you are installing a doorknob, fixing your car, or assembling a PC, you would need the assistance of a precision screwdriver, specifically a ratchet screwdriver. When you are using other types of screwdrivers, you would have to apply high torque on rigid screws, bolts. When it happens continuously, this experience can be frustrating for users, and thus they need to know about the benefits of a ratchet screwdriver set. 

When you use such screwdrivers, you would not have to reset your grips on the handle in between the grips. Even though you might not have heard about ratchet screwdrivers, it is indeed becoming quite popular across numerous industrial sectors.

How Does a Ratchet Screwdriver Work?

A ratchet screwdriver is designed to enable users to reposition their grip on the handle when screwing or unscrewing in between the turns without removing the head of the screwdriver from the screw’s slot. Once you start using the ratchet magnetic precision screwdriver set,you would find that you do not need to apply any extra pressure on the screw to extract it. Furthermore, to retrieve stubborn screws, you do not have to remove the screwdriver’s head from the slot. All you have to do is turn your wrist clockwise, and you would see the magic happening before your eyes.

When you are using a manual screwdriver, it is essential to apply pressure on the handle clockwise. Often this becomes a challenge because the user has to rotate their wrists repeatedly, and while doing so, there is a high chance of the screw slipping from the slot. However, when using the ratchet screwdriver set, you would rotate the handle with ease, but the screwdriver’s tip would be locked in the slot to secure the screw.

Advantages of Ratchet Screwdriver

If you have not ever experienced the joy of working with a ratchet screwdriver set, then you should start using it from now. Here are some of the advantages of using a ratchet screwdriver on your next professional task:


Not only professionals but even hobbyists complain all the time about the elbow greasing they have to do while using manual screwdrivers. Well, not anymore if you wish to opt for a ratchet screwdriver because of various reasons involved. For starters, you do not have to exert pressure on the screws to fasten it, and only maintaining a grip on the handle of the electric precision screwdriver and rotating it clockwise will be enough.

Furthermore, you do not have to remove then reinsert the screwdriver tip repeatedly while turning the fasteners. You have to rotate the handle, and it will rotate freely while the tip of the screwdrivers will remain seated on the slot to hold the screw in place.

2. Control

If you have used manual screwdrivers earlier, you might have faced incidents of screws slipping out from the slot and disappearing in your workstation. Although they can seem minor, these incidents can delay your work, thus leading you to turn your workstation upside down to retrieve the screw.

However, there is no scope of such incidents when you use the ratchet screwdriver setbecause the screwdriver head will hold on to the screws firmly while you are repositioning it. This alone gives you more control of your work, and you will start feeling more confident when everything is organized.

3. Power

Gone are the days when your hands will ache after working for a few minutes with a screwdriver. The best part is you would not have to waste your energy by repeatedly removing the screwdriver head from the slot. Thus your tasks will be completed in no time, and you will feel less tired than before.

Application of ratchet screwdriver

Nowadays, a ratchet screwdriver set is used across professionals belonging from diverse industries and also DIY enthusiasts. In the electronics industry, a ratchet screwdriver is employed to tighten the screws and fix different types of wires. Similarly, a mechanic will also find these screwdrivers useful for opening or assembling various machines. Hobbyists also prefer the ratchet screwdrivers over others because it is practical, cost-friendly, and super easy to use. Since the ratchet screwdriver comes in various sizes and shapes of bits, it is suitable for application in micro-works.

If you are willing to know how a magnetic ratchet screwdriver can transform your tasks, you should get in touch with Jakemy. As a professional precision screwdriver manufacturer, Jakemy can offer a high-quality ratchet screwdriver set. Besides, Jakemy also provides various custom services such as pre-sale service, OEM, and ODM service.

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