Everything A PR Strategist Needs To Know About Press Releases

Everything A PR Strategist Needs To Know About Press Releases

A lot of people have had experiences with different types of writing. Press release writing is a tad bit away from your usual kind of writing and is quite a popular one.

The only way of making sure a business will flourish is by attracting the crowd to it. This can be done in various ways, and writing a press release is one of them.

Be it the first day of your company, or the launching of a new product, releasing any new information about your company is necessary to turn a few eyes.

It is advisable to hire a PR strategist who will look after the area of publicity for your company. Hiring the services of Click Intelligence for writing press releases is highly recommended.

Why are press releases so popular?

The traditional way of making sure the information about your company hit the newspaper was to send out the details of an event way after it had taken place.

There was no guarantee that there would be an insurgence of traffic in your business website through the papers. Most people will not go through the pain of looking up something online just because they read something on paper.

The main motive behind press releases is to arouse interest in the minds of people so that they cannot resist clicking on the link provided to visit the website.

Writing a press release

Press releases can be written for several events, the most common being writing one when your company releases information regarding a new product.

They can also be written if your company stumbles upon a new kind of data. People love talking about numbers and statistics. Details about any event must be shared.

Contact details

It is very common for media personnel to contact you after you have released information about the goings-on in your company.

This will lead to more exposure and publicity. Thus, make sure the contact details of your business in the press release are in clear sight.


The headings do not need to be creative; they should be concise and formal, considering that press releases are business-related.

They must have appropriate keywords to convey the contents of the rest of your article. Make sure you do not disappoint your readers by creating a misleading title.

The body

You must keep in mind that a press release is used to relay facts to the public. Hence, you must stick to doing exactly that and not do word-play or use very decorative language.

Include the important details in the beginning and keep your paragraphs short and direct. This will make sure to hold the attention of the readers right till the end.

Call to action

Last but not least is a call to action button, which is the entire purpose of writing a press release. Make sure they are prominent and easy to spot. This button will direct your audience to the website of your company.


There are various platforms where you can post your press releases for maximum reach. You can publish it on your social media profiles.

If you have customers that have chosen to subscribe to the website of your business, you can send the article of your press release to their respective email addresses.

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