Essential Tips to Dress up for a Night Wedding Party in London

Essential Tips to Dress up for a Night Wedding Party in London

Have a night wedding party to attend and unsure of how to dress up? We’re here to solve your doubts and help you look the best, well apart from the bride of course. So let us start with the basic and most essential tips on how to dress up for a night wedding party in London.

i. Avoid white at all costs

This is possibly the most important tip. You may have a beautiful white dress, perfect for a night party, but please avoid it. Keep white exclusively for the bride. Wearing white to a wedding party is a strict no-no. Instead, you could go for pastels or lightest shades of colors like pink and blue or even an off-white or cream shade will do. Anything that mimics white but isn’t white.

ii. Take out all your sparkle from the closet

London is known for its class, sass, and a whole lot of fashion. Since we are talking about a night wedding party, you need to bring out your sparkle from the closet. This is a good occasion to flaunt your diamonds, pearls, rubies, or any other gemstones that you might have. Plain metal jewelry such as gold, silver or platinum can be kept for a day party. Nights are meant to dazzle so take your time in decking up with the glitter you have and rock the party.

iii. Understand the theme of the wedding

Most wedding parties have a pre-decided theme that is mentioned on the invitation itself. Which means that you have ample time to decide the kind of look you want to sport that will be in sync with the theme. The main reason behind having a theme is to have everyone look a little similar so only the bride and groom stand out. If you break the theme, then inadvertently you’ll be the one who stands out and no one would want that on someone else’s big day.

iv. Long flowy dresses for the win

Long flowy dresses are a perfect match for night wedding parties. You can wear your evening gowns or cocktails along with matching jewelry to go better with your dress and complete the look.

v. Experiment with contrasts and mix-n-match accessories

Don’t be shy to experiment. You can mix-n-match the colors, contrasts and even accessories to spice up your look for the wedding night party. As long as your attire goes with the theme mentioned for the party. You can experiment a little with your look. Try going casual, with a beach dress or even a jumpsuit. You don’t always have to look like a wedding guest princess, you could look classy and chic in a contemporary outfit too. Try matching jewelry with it such as Emerald engagement rings hatton garden.

vi. Keep the make-up subtle (you don’t want to overshadow the bride or steal her thunder..its her day)

When we think of night parties, we instantly imagine a face full of make-up and glitter. That’s perfectly fine if you’re going to the club with friends, but if it’s a wedding party, then its best to tone your make-up down a bit. The idea is to look pretty, for sure, but not overshadow the bride. It is her day, and we don’t want to steal her thunder. So, keep the make-up subtle, avoid too much of shimmer or glitter, or even too loud jewelry like bespoke engagement rings. Use matte make-up with a little bit of glossy finish and add color that matches your dress. Usually, themes involve people wearing light colored dresses, so your make-up shouldn’t be overpowering it.

Follow our tips and you’ll for sure be leaving the party with a date for the night. Let us know how it goes.

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