Dr.Fone – Virtual Location: The best app to fake GPS location on iOS

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location: The best app to fake GPS location on iOS

GPS is easy to jam, including by poorly equipped armed groups. It can also be subject to “spoofing”: this more complex manipulation consists in sending false coordinates to the GPS terminal of the ships when they readjust their position, via a device which has taken the instead of the usual satellite. More seriously, if the reference time provided by the system (we are talking about its timing function) is no longer reliable, telecommunications systems or military radars, acting down to the millisecond, will be disrupted. In the end, this degrades the accuracy of missiles fired on coordinates or prevents the use of the tool that locates “friendly forces” on the ground in a battle scene.

On the electromagnetic spectrum, war is not new, but it is now being fought on a large scale. In theory, all satellite navigation services can be attacked – American GPS, Russian Glonass, European Galileo, Indian NaviC, Chinese Beidou, Japanese QZSS. The United States does not hesitate to use the weapon of electronic warfare, but the Russians compete in this area.

What is mentioned above are some of the possibilities that can be generated from GPS jamming in the military field. But what if you do GPS jam on a mobile device? You may be able to break through location-based blocks, access Reddit, play Pokemon Go without moving, and much more. To do GPS jamming or GPS spoofing, you need a location changer tool to create a fake GPS location.

spoof your location

There are many tools to fake GPS location. Here is the most popular one for Android, the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer. In the end of the article we will discuss a little bit about fake gps joystick app. It’s a feature that makes it easy to flex GPS location switching.

This is a great tool for online location tricks. The basic operation is to use false coordinates. This tool has several excellent features such as:

– This tool is specially designed for Android
– No need for rooting process
– Easy to operate
– Spoofing with just one tap
– Can be updated

– Compatible with many Android smartphones
– etc.

How to use it on an Android phone? Here are the steps!

1. You need to download the application on the Google Play Store. Just type ‘Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer’ in the search bar.
2. After downloading, click ‘Open’.
3. Allow the application to access your device location.
4. Accept the advertising terms.
5. You will see a window. Enable ‘Mock Location’. How can you enable “Mock Location”? Go to Settings- Software info- Built number. Tap the ‘Built number’ multiple times to unlock into the ‘Developer option’. Choose ‘Select mock location app’.
6. Click ‘FakeGPS Free’ to enable the mock location feature.
7. Now go to “Fake GPS Go Location” to select the fake GPS location. Then click “Play” and select “Without Ads”.
8. Now you can check whether the changes have been made. Go to Google Map.

If you are an iPhone user, unfortunately you cannot use this application on your iPhone. You need another app and we recommend Dr.Fone – Virtual Location. This is a multipurpose GPS spoofing tool and unlike Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer, it is much more powerful. This can simulate fake movements, something that is especially useful for tricking AR game systems like Pokemon Go.

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location offers the following points:

– The ability to teleport to any location in the world.
– Each location faking will take effect immediately.
– Ability to select a location by name or coordinates.
– Ability to simulate GPS movement in several modes. Makes it look very natural.
– Can be run by most PCs in the world as it supports Mac and Windows PC.
– It can be used in up to five devices.

How to use?

1. You need to download the program onto your Mac or Windows PC.
2. Launch it. You will see a main screen. Click ‘Virtual Location’.

Click Virtual Location

3. Now connect the iPhone to the PC. Click ‘Get Started’.
4. You will notice your current location. If you can’t, click ‘Center On’.
5. Click the third icon at the top right of the screen. It’s the “teleport mode” icon. Now type in the location you are going to (fake location) and click ‘Go’.
6. Once your fake location is recognized, click ‘Move Here’.
7. Your location will change immediately.
8. You can test the change results in each location based application.

Want to simulate fake GPS movement? Here’s how!

Repeat step number 5 but click on the first icon. It’s a ‘one-stop route’ icon. Select your fake destination in the search bar. A pop up box will appear providing information about the distance. Now you can adjust the speed in a slider at the bottom of the screen. There are 3 speed modes; walking, cycling and driving.

Fake GPS Joystick

GPS Joystick

You can use GPS joystick, a fake GPS joystick application that will make it easier for users to fake GPS location. Each GPS changes depending on where the joystick is pointed. This is of course very practical. You can play with your GPS as if you were playing a game. With the fake GPS joystick you can run multiple speed modes more easily. Also, you can receive GPX files imported and exported to favorites, routes, or custom markers.

Again, what if you are an iPhone user?

Don’t worry because you Dr.Fone – Virtual Location provides a joystick feature at the bottom left of the screen. You can operate the joystick feature using your keyboard.

With Dr.Fone – Virtual Location you can have many advantages when it comes to using location based applications. You can play Pokemon Go without moving at all, you can access Reddit and other online forums at any location, you can use Tinder more freely, and so on.

Hopefully this information will be of use to you. Thanks for reading.

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