Dog Sitting Vs. Dog Boarding-Why You Should Go for Boarding Option

Dog Sitting Vs. Dog Boarding-Why You Should Go for Boarding Option

When you’re a proud dog owner or even better a dog parent you want the best for them at all times. And you find it difficult to leave them even if it’s for a long-awaited holiday. If one of your worst nightmares is where to leave your dog while you’re away, stop stressing and keep reading.

Here, you’ll find out the differences between dog boarding and dog sitting and make a well-informed decision about the option that best meets your pet’s needs.

The Advantages of Dog Boarding

The pet hospitality industry has evolved recently. Luxurious pet hotels like dog boarding Spokane offer much more to your pet than just food and shelter. These pet centers make your dog’s needs their top priority offering comprehensive services from boarding to training, grooming, health care, and fun activities to keep your dog. Here are the most prominent advantages of dog boarding facilities.

  • Dog boarding staff know how to reduce stress in pets and make them feel secure, healthy and happy so they don’t feel lonely and abandoned.
  • Employees at these facilities are trained professionals with First Aid certificates, familiar with dogs’ body language and different playing styles. When you decide to leave your pet at a boarding facility you’ll know that they’re in safe hands with people ready to act in any emergency.
  • Quality dog boarding offers their clients socializing and interaction with other dogs and people, taking the entire experience to the next level.
  • Routine is indispensable for dogs. Most dog boarding centers have well-structured plans and schedules reflecting each client’s habits. This will help your pet feel more at home.
  • One of the major advantages of dog boarding is exceptional health care and employees trained to take care of your dog even if they need medical treatment.

The Advantages of Dog-Sitting

If you’re not comfortable with leaving your dog in unfamiliar places, dog sitting may be the perfect solution for you. You can ask a friend or a relative to come and look after your dog while you’re away. Or you can opt for a professional dog sitter. Let’s learn more about the dog-sitting advantages

  • If your dog is old and can’t rely on all their senses, they would feel better in their home with a reliable dog-sitter aware of their health issues.
  • Dog sitters are ideal for taking care of dogs that are aggressive toward other pets, dogs in particular, or have issues socializing.
  • If your puppies prefer staying in over going out, dog-sitting is the right option for you.

Why You Should Choose Dog Boarding Over Dog-Sitting

While dog-sitting has obvious benefits, one person, however reliable they are, can’t provide the comprehensive professional care and experiences that a high-quality dog boarding facility can.

Also, if you need to go away in times of spring breaks or holidays, many people may not be available for dog-sitting. Another great reason for choosing dog boarding is their professional, friendly, and highly skilled staff ready to react accordingly.

Finally, dog boarding centers or dog hotels take security seriously so that you can rest assured that your pet will be safe and sound until you come back. This isn’t always the case with dog-sitting. Your dog can escape or get hurt due to the dog sitter’s negligence, and this is the worst-case scenario you want to avoid.

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