Do you really need a website traffic checker?

Do you really need a website traffic checker?

This is the most obvious question that comes to the mind of every website runner. To answer the question, let us first understand what really is a website traffic checker. A website traffic analyst or checker is a tool that helps you get insight into the information of your website traffic age group, geographical location, average time spent, engagement, and bounce rate.

So yes, if you are running an e-commerce website or thinking of launching an app, a good website traffic checker is the most reliable and easy method to improve your chances of business success. But with the emerging importance of traffic analysis, the internet has been flooded with hundreds of free and paid website traffic checkers. Be careful before investing in any one of them and look for the following features :

10 Features of a good website traffic checker:

  • It should be capable of providing good content and SEO strategies
  • Should uncover new and better ways to grow your affiliate partnerships
  • Uncover new players and competitors of the same category
  • Holistically analyze the behavior of your website audience
  • Monitor insights into your most clicked and engaging content
  • Evaluate and track new opportunities in the emerging market
  • Benchmark the market and provide information to grow your business website
  • Reveal the most popular strategies and campaigns of your competitor
  • Enhance display of your website and helps you make it more users friendly
  • Should be less time consuming and more reliable

Free website traffic checkers vs paid ones

The decision to use the free or paid version of a website traffic checker depends upon the time and money you invest in your business. The Internet is full of free versions -some of them are really good ones too- but with them, you have to be a little bit more patient to see growth and positive results. On the other hand, paid ones will focus more on your individual needs and requirements of a business website and you can see quick results comparatively.

The biggest advantage of pro or paid versions is the bonus of getting detailed information of your competitor’s statistics. You are not alone in any market, and you have to compete, survive and ultimately top that particular category of website ranking. So, website owners with this added bonus of information and statistics are obviously going to succeed more easily.


Going back to the starting question, it is definitely a good idea to invest in a good traffic checker to grow and boost your business. Because building an online website is quite similar to an offline business model that requires effort and investment. So, at the start, you can initiate with free versions, and with time you can improve your online brand with paid marketing and analyzing tools. One of the most reliable and most trusted tools is Similarweb that helps in analyzing and comparison of more than a million websites in a single space.

John Norwood
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