Declutter with these remarkable storage ideas for small spaces! | Soko & Co

Declutter with these remarkable storage ideas for small spaces! | Soko & Co

Declutter with these remarkable storage ideas for small spaces!

No matter the size of our home, we never seem to have enough home storage space to fit all the clutter we have accumulated throughout the years. Let’s be honest, most of us are more like the characters from Hoarders than organisation queen Marie Kondo – and we definitely need help to Spark Joy in our homes. Good organisation is the first step to decluttering your home, leading to more mindful, harmonious living. Read on to discover our tips for easy ways to tidy up, with some practical storage ideas that will improve your small home.


The bedroom is where we spend most of our time when we are home. Having a well organised safe space to sleep can have a positive impact on our stress levels, leave us more relaxed and ensure we are ready to face another day. Our top tips for organising the bedroom include:

·             Under the bed storage

Think of all the forgotten space that we have under our beds that can be turned into optimal hidden storage. Investing in under the bed storage options is the perfect way to store seasonal clothes that you currently aren’t using. Jumpers, for example, are extremely bulky and take up a lot of closet space. Moving your winter clothes to storage that you can easily slide under your bed can free up a lot of space for other more season-appropriate outfits. It is also a perfect way to store linen, bedding, towels and even toys in a dust-free and dry environment.

·             Wardrobe storage

Make full use of your closet rail and add multiple layered hanging baskets to store your socks, scarves, belts and all those little pieces of clothing that are so hard to keep organised. Not only will it help keep everything sorted neatly and clear drawer space, but it will make your favourite items easily accessible. Invest in a shoe rack to increase the space you have for storing shoes, all while ensuring the floor of your wardrobe is neat and organised. For versatile and ultra-customisable racking, consider the superb elfa shelving range.

·             Over the door hooks

Over the door hooks can be so useful in utilising space in your bedroom. Perfect for use in the bedroom itself, on the door of the wardrobe, or even in the ensuite, these hooks will create more hanging space for dressing gowns, towels, or tomorrow’s outfit.

Living room

Trying to fit too much storage into your living room can make it cluttered and impractical. However, we assure you that there are ways to convert your small living room into a hidden storage haven:

·             Use shelves as storage

Add shelves to your walls, or invest in a stylish shelving unit, and combine storage with functionality. This is a great way to store items like books or photo albums which can be wonderful conversation starters. Add small items like artificial plants or children’s artwork so that the shelves are part of the cohesion of the room, and not just a plain storage solution.

·             Decorative baskets and bins

The use of bins and baskets is a great way to hide away your items if you have objects that need to be stored in this area but you would rather not have in plain sight. Consider feature-piece, decorative baskets that can be a great addition to your shelves, leaving them stylish and organised at the same time.

Laundry room

Laundry rooms often have just enough space for a sink, a washing machine, a dryer and minimal closet space. Organising around those fixed white goods can be tricky but not impossible.

·             Add shelves above the washing machine

If you have space above your washer, it is a good idea to have additional shelving on top to add more storage capacity. This is a great spot to keep your detergents and fabric softeners for easy reach when needed.

·             Add an extra shelving unit

A free-standing shelving unit is a great quick solution to add more storage space to any room, even the laundry. Use this area to organise your cleaning supplies, laundry baskets, pegs and iron for easy access.


Out of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is one that suffers the most if not kept clean and tidy. And that means making sure everything, from makeup to shower gel, has a fixed spot and doesn’t end up cluttering your countertop.

·             Use a shower caddy

One of the simplest ways to organise your shower items is to have a good shower caddy. A good quality shower caddy will provide you with ample storage space and keep all your bathroom essentials within arms reach.

·             Hair dryer holders inside the cabinet

Hair dryers, straighteners and hair curlers are awkwardly shaped, making it tricky to store them inside your bathroom cabinets. Adding hair dryer hooks inside your cabinets can help free up storage space, keeping them neatly organised and off your countertop.


The kitchen can often end up the most cluttered room in the house. However, there are efficient ways to make the most of your kitchen storage, even if you have a small kitchen.

·             Expandable shelves

When you have a lot of dishes and glassware in a small kitchen cabinet, it can become tricky to get your hands onto that specific plate you’re looking for, without having to move everything out of the way. Make access to your kitchenware convenient and worry-free by investing in expandable shelves which can separate your shelves into different organisational sections.

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