Critical Pool Repairs You Ought To Do Before Summer

Having a pool on your property is convenient in the summer as it allows you to enjoy your privacy while having the best time of your life in your swimming pool. Maintaining your pool in good working condition is essential to protecting your investment, and it is simple as having a routine pool cleaning and servicing plan.

Spring and summer are your most exciting time because you can finally take the long-awaited dip in your swimming pool. But before that, here are some critical pool fixes you should make before summer.

Resurface your pool

You don’t want to get your pool ready for summer only to find it leaking. It can be frustrating, especially since you have to spend more time and money having it fixed when you could be enjoying the summer with your family and friends. However, the wear and tear may be inevitable due to the wear and tear caused by the water chemicals. It is best to engage a professional pool service Perth to resurface your pool.

Drain your pool cover

It is normal to winterize your pool during the winter season or when it is not in use, as it keeps it protected and safe as you await the summer season. Unluckily winterizing your pool also means that you have to drain every water drop from the winter cover before attempting to remove it in the summer. You can achieve that via a submersible water pump or engage pool servicing experts.

Replace your pool liner

The best thing about a high-quality pool liner is that it can last about 8-12years. However, you should inspect your pool liners when reopening for summer to avoid any problems down the road. Some signs such as cracks, stains, wrinkles, fading, and deterioration mean that you should replace your pool liner. You may need to repair it, and if it is severely worn out, replace it before the busy summer months kick in.

Inspect and reconnect your pool equipment

Before you reconnect your pool equipment, ensure it is tested by an expert to identify any problems and address them. Your pool equipment, including the water recirculation pump, is susceptible to wear over time, and regular inspections can help you identify problems early. Take the time to inspect the pool filter, pump, heater, and other equipment on your pool.

Test your pool water

Another quick maintenance practice you should make before the busy summer months is to test your pool water. You should do this after filling your pool with water and connecting the necessary pool equipment. After the water circulation system has run for a couple of hours, test the water to ensure a balanced PH.

You can buy pool water testing kits or use a professional pool service to take advantage of pool experts. Pool water with a balanced PH is healthy and safe as it prevents eye soreness during a swim.

The takeaway

Preparing a pool for the summer can be a time-consuming process. While you can handle some pool maintenance practices, utilizing a full pool service is advisable to ensure your pool is ready for the busy summer.

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