Choosing the recruitment software that is right for your agency

Choosing the recruitment software that is right for your agency

When it comes to picking recruitment software, it is easy to think that selecting the leading CRM software in the market is enough. It is incorrect to assume that this best recruitment agency software will have the answers for all of your agency’s issues. But the fact is that there is more to choosing a good software solution. It is actually critical to find a recruitment CRM that is perfect for your agency’s needs rather than one that appears perfect for every kind of business.

What is the best recruitment software?

When faced with this question, recruiters must always consider their big recruiting issues and the common problems faced by their agency. The software supplier that can provide good solutions to these challenges is the best agency recruitment software.

This leads to another question – can you find a software system that can solve all the work challenges? Recruiters who are smart and do proper research before buying a particular software are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase. Remember that recruitment CRM software is expensive and something you will use for a long time. So treat it like a long-term partnership in order to get more fruitful results.

Selecting a great CRM solution

Picking the right software is not easy. But taking the time to do so is always worth it in the long run. Investing some time to conduct a thorough market search can save you tons of money and prevent any business loss, too. Here are some of the fundamental ways to finding the right recruitment agency software.

•          Always invest in research

Start by listing the biggest and most common issues you encounter every day. It can be the time-consuming process of CV parsing and branding. It can be candidate management issues. Or the challenge of complicated compliance checks. This list helps you understand what features you need to prioritise when looking at different suppliers.

•          Cloud vs on-premise

Is it confusing to choose between cloud-based software versus on-premise? Start by understanding what each of these is and what advantages they bring. Cloud-based software stores data on the cloud making it accessible from anywhere. Recruitment software vendors are responsible for data security, software upgrades and maintenance. On-premise allows users to have full access to their data as everything is stored on the office premise. Agencies can also follow data protection measures to their heart’s satisfaction. There is usually a one-off purchase so agencies don’t have to spend money every month or year.

•       Easy integration with other tools          

Recruiters use several different tools to optimise their work. A good recruitment platform will integrate smoothly with the other recruiting tools. So whether it is a skills testing software or a video calling software, it should function well when in use with the CRM software. If the new system doesn’t mix well with the existing tools then it can cause quite a big challenge.

•          Book free demos

Most recruitment software suppliers offer free product demos. It is mandatory to take a look at the software before purchasing it. This gives buyers an understanding of and a chance to take a closer look at the software. As the salesperson explains how the CRM system works, buyers can ask questions and clear any doubts. Getting a colleague to sit in on the demo is a good idea so that both can exchange notes on the potential and suitability of the software.

•          Consider customer service

The importance of customer service often discounted when people are conducting research. Yet, the quality of customer support is of tremendous importance and can be a cause for many to leave the service. So, it is better to consider a company’s client support system before making the final decision. Check customer reviews, ask questions to the salesperson, make note of what is said in the market. Objective reviews are a good place to gain an understanding so start with Trustpilot.

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