Choose a Hosting Provider with Server Backups and Snapshots

Choose a Hosting Provider with Server Backups and Snapshots

Having a reliable hosting provider is a fundamental part of any online business, ecommerce store and even personal blog. On top of the required functionalities from hosting providers in terms of fast information exchange speeds, quick load times and additional support, one feature that constantly gets neglected is the ability to create and manage server snapshots and routine backups which can protect you from potential malicious software and system malfunctions.

What are Snapshots?

Server snapshots are essentially a ‘picture’ of your server at a given moment in time. This includes the system files, the installed software and applications and any additional settings or  adjustments that you have made. Snapshots are generally stored in the same location as the original data and take overall less time to complete than an entire server backup. They are the perfect solution for developing, testing and implementing new features and functionalities on your server due to the fact that you could easily roll-back any changes that you make to the snapshot captured prior to the moment of applying them.

What are Backups?

Server backups are a complete safe point of the entirety of your server data. They take longer to compile and are preserved for a longer period of time in comparison to snapshots. Backups save everything from your system files and information to the database, which is particularly useful if your system happens to malfunction or any malicious software suddenly takes down your server. Usually, the amount of backups that you can store is limited due to the storage space that they require.

Why you Need a Hosting Provider that Supports Snapshots and Backups

Many different hosting providers offer full-time support in case a system error occurs or a malware infestation is observed. However, there are also those who are not able to help you resolve such issues, leaving you and the information on the server helpless, taking back all of the progress that you have made. This is why larger ecommerce stores and online businesses choose a hosting provider that supports these features in order to prevent any potential permanent damage that a fault in the system or bad software can cause to their server. In addition to supporting snapshots and backups, hosting providers like VPSBG offer services like Bitcoin VPS for which you can pay using cryptocurrencies, which also adds another layer of security.

Overall choosing the best hosting provider for you will vary based on your business and goals. However, ensure that the one you select does offer these server snapshots and backups features in order to avoid any problems in the future.

John Norwood
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