Carpet Care Trends of 2021

Carpet Care Trends of 2021

Carpet care extends beyond just vacuuming- you’ll need a professional Coventry carpet cleaner to clear out the allergens and do a deep clean for better indoor air quality and inhabitant health.

Professional cleaners do this using a variety of high tech cleaning equipment and tools. Here are 4 things that are making trends within the carpet cleaning industry.

Robo Vacuums

Robo vacuums are essentially wet or dry vacuums that can do the job on their own. They’re smart enough to be controlled by apps and have sensors to navigate and ‘see’ the world around them.

These tools are used generally for floors in homes and businesses and can work on virtually any surface, from cement to marble and everything in-between.


The move to cordless is seen as a time-saver and a practical upgrade, since it allows the operator to be mobile and safer because there’s no more risk of tripping on wires.

Cordless also solves some of the more common issues in carpet cleaning, such as reduced hazards, those that are located in stairs and when you have limited outlets.

More Powerful Motors

Vacuum power is increasing each year, with motor tech improvements surpassing those made years before.

Although bigger generally still means more horsepower, even the smaller ones have equal capacity in terms of suction force. Plus, they can now be mounted on cordless machines which means greater efficiency and carpet cleaning capabilities.

Green Solutions

As the world is becoming more and more eco-conscious the carpet cleaning industry is focusing on how they can help the environment.

A green certification means more now because companies who earn this show their commitment to sustainability and making a better environment. Future products and tools will have to follow this standard and maintain the green status quo.

VOC formulation improvements also care for the earth and clean better too.

John Norwood
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