Can I Track My Parcel without Using the Tracking Number ?

Can I Track My Parcel without Using the Tracking Number ?

Yes, you can track your parcel without using your tracking number. The perception is that the only way to know the location of a parcel is by tracking. However, it is also rare for a courier not to offer you a tracking number.

Meanwhile, if you can’t access your tracking number, there are other ways to follow through with where the parcel is. In most cases, calling the courier service if there is any delay is what comes to mind. Nevertheless, let’s check out some ways of a tracking package without a tracking number.

Contact Recipient

Sometimes the parcel may have arrived at the destination and the sender may not have gotten a notification. In that case, you can contact the recipient to find out if they have received any parcel. This method of tracking may seem obvious but it is the easiest way to track the parcel if you don’t have a tracking number.

Contact Courier Company

If you have contacted the recipient and the parcel has not yet arrived then you may need to contact the courier company. More so, it is necessary to contact the courier company if the package has not arrived after more than a week after when it should have gotten to the recipient.

The courier company may ask for a few details. You should expect the courier company to ask for the tracking number first. However, other details you can provide the courier company are information that is on the receipt or the confirmation email. With these, they can inform you about the location of the parcel. In the same vein, you can ask the courier company for the tracking number if you had it earlier and lost it.

Check the Receipt

Nowadays, courier companies add the tracking number of the parcel to the receipt. In the past, the tracking number was often in a different document. No wonder when it gets missing, the sender becomes agitated and confused. Check the receipt you were issued by the courier company and you will find the tracking number on it.

Is It Compulsory to use the Courier to Track a Parcel?

In the past, it seemed like the only way to track your parcel was through the courier company. Nowadays, you can track your parcel or package on a different platform if you have the tracking number. Just insert the tracking number and the tracking website will provide you with the location of your parcel.

Tracking websites now partner with various couriers to provide tracking services of parcels to senders and recipients. Nevertheless, some tracking websites may not have the support of so many courier services hence making it difficult to track parcels on their site. In some cases, some tracking websites partner with more than 1200 courier companies.

Therefore, you don’t need to visit the courier’s website to track the parcel. However, make sure that the tracking website you choose to use supports a lot of courier companies.


Misplacing your tracking number is not a death sentence as you can see. However, you need to keep the tracking number intact to avoid the hassle that may come with retrieving it. In some cases, a courier company may not wish to give you the tracking number if you misplace it. Even before you get the tracking number, it may take a long time.

Besides, without the tracking number, you can’t track your parcel on other platforms. Finally, guide wherever the tracking number is. Hold on to it until the parcel is delivered to the recipient.

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