Bobcat—The Workhorse of the Construction Site

Bobcat—The Workhorse of the Construction Site

If you visit any construction site, you will more than likely see a bobcat skid-steer or posi-track loader. This is because this little machine packs a big punch and is so useful for a variety of activities. With multiple attachments available, they are capable of completing a vast range of work on your job site.

Whether you’re working on a construction site, or about to do your own DIY project equipment hire Melbourne companies provide has you covered. From bobcats and excavators to trailer hire and everything in between, enjoy their many benefits. Why the bobcat though?

Bobcat Defined

A bobcat is a type of loader with the ability to pull, push and lift various materials. Yours can be a skid-steer or a posi-track type, ranging from full to compact size.

Skid-steer vs Posi-track

The Skid steer loader operates by running on wheels and drives best on harder terrain and flatter surfaces. In contrast, a post-track loader has tracks and operates best on softer soil or steep terrain. The type of ground you will be working on will determine which option you decide to use.

It isn’t advisable to use the wheeled loader on soft surfaces as the wheels can’t allocate the weight of the machine easily across the surface. This could cause it to tip over or become stuck. In this instance a post-track loader would work perfectly, as the tracks put less pressure on the soft ground.

Why Would You Need a Bobcat?

The bobcat is a very versatile machine that comes with many attachments to complete just about any task on the construction site. It has the ability to level land, lift and comes in handy for light excavation.

Bobcats are compact, which means they can manoeuvre easily, even in a very small space. It can effortlessly perform a 360° pivot and work in very tight spots. Common uses include:

  • Gardening
  • Moving earth
  • Landscaping
  • Preparing earth for projects
  • Cleaning up the site
  • Moving objects or material around
  • Getting rid of debris

Activities Your Bobcat Can Perform That You may not be Aware of

Bobcats are used in so many capacities on the construction site but are you aware that they can also do the following jobs?

  • Tear down trees: Simply attach the 70-inch forestry cutter attachment. This will allow you to cut down hard or soft wood trees with ease, in only a few minutes. Because of its compact size you can target individual trees that need tearing down, without compromising the rest around them.
  • Dig up the road: The planer attachment lets you cut through concrete and asphalt like it’s butter. Ideal for street repairs at a fraction of the cost.
  • Cut up concrete: The wheel saw attachment can easily cut through concrete, frozen ground or wire mesh with excellent precision. Ideal for road repairs or laying fiber-optic cable or water lines.

The Benefits of Using a Bobcat

The greatest benefit of a bobcat is its ability to move around in very small spaces and turn in a complete circle. Added attachments make this machine a jack of all trades.

It can carry materials, load trucks and can replace machines such as excavators or dumpers. Other benefits include:

  • Easy to transport: Thanks to its light-weight and compact size.
  • Full line of vision: the operator has a clear line of sight that is not obstructed by the hood or tires.
  • Cheaper: It can perform a variety of actions you would normally need numerous machines to accomplish.
  • Better fuel efficiency: Uses less fuel than larger machines in the same class.

So Many Attachments

The bobcat is like the Swiss army knife of the machine world. It has an attachment to accomplish just about any task. With minimum size but maximum power it uses a hydraulic mechanism that performs well with minimal input.

Among others, attachments include:

  • Concrete sleeper grab
  • Spreader bars
  • Auger driver
  • A bucket for dumping and scooping
  • Hydraulic chain trenchers

Safety Operating Tips

When using any type of heavy machinery, it’s important that safety always comes first. It’s best to hire an expert operator. It you decide to take a turn at the controls for yourself, remember the following safety tips:

  • Always pull the safety roll bar down when the machine is in operation
  • Turn off the parking brake when using the machine, then back on once the job has been completed
  • Be aware of your surroundings and enter and exit the machine safely
  • Don’t overload the bucket
  • Distribute the load as evenly as possible
  • Carry the load as low as possible to the ground 

Consider what you need the bobcat loader to accomplish to help you decide on the right one for the job and which attachments you will need. For jobs big or small, the bobcat can accomplish them all, and save you money at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Look into hiring one today.

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