Bitcoin of America’s new universal ATMs make investing and trading easier for customers

Bitcoin of America’s new universal ATMs make investing and trading easier for customers

Already one of the nation’s few Bitcoin dealers who offer a tablet format for more convenient trading options, Bitcoin of America recently debuted universal kiosk ATMs that will allow customers to get cash and also buy, sell and trade Bitcoin.

  Buying, selling and investing in Bitcoin continues to get easier and more user-friendly thanks to technological advancements created by industry leader Bitcoin of America.

  Already one of America’s few Bitcoin dealers who offer a tablet format for more convenient trading options, Bitcoin of America recently debuted their universal ATM kiosks that will allow customers to multitask in one stop.

  The new kiosks combine the capabilities of traditional ATMs with the options presently offered by the more than 1,100 Bitcoin of America ATMs spread throughout the country. First, these universal kiosks dispense cash as any traditional ATM would do. Secondly, customers can use cash to purchase cryptocurrency on the universal ATMs. Lastly, customers can also sell their crypto investments in return for cash at the multi-functional kiosks.  

  “We’re proud to offer a new, exciting opportunity for both customers and merchants,” said Jenna Polinsky, Bitcoin of America’s Director of Tablet Sales and Marketing. “Combining a traditional ATM with a Bitcoin ATM has many benefits. It’s convenient for customers who need to take out cash before hand, and for customers who want to buy or sell Bitcoin. It’s also great for our merchants who typically have a Bitcoin ATM and a traditional ATM sitting next to each other because we are freeing up floor space. It’s a great overall experience for both sides.”

  The introduction of the universal kiosks comes at a time when Bitcoin of America recently topped the 1,100-location plateau across America. The company’s rapid expansion, led by CEO and founder Sonny Meraban, has expanded from one Chicago-area Bitcoin ATM to more than 1,100 across 31 U.S. states and D.C. Those existing Bitcoin of America ATMs are now being converted to universal kiosks capable of also dispensing cash.

  According to a logistic study of ATMs in the U.S. by, there are approximately 470,135 ATMs — 191,000 of which are bank-owned and more than 278,000 are independently run. Additionally, there are approximately 28,185 Bitcoin ATMs in America, according to the independent research site 

  Bitcoin has become a growing investment option for people who don’t do their business with banks or don’t do traditional bank transactions. Some 25% of Americans don’t keep their money in a bank or use options such as payday loans, check cashing locations and money order services, according to a recent FDIC report.

 The popularity and acceptance of Bitcoin has become so widespread that With the power and popularity of Bitcoin steadily on the rise popular entities such as Microsoft, Expedia and Cash App now accepting Bitcoin for financial transactions.

  Bitcoin of America, which is registered with the U.S. Treasury Department and is fully BSA/AML compliant, has more than 300,000 repeat customers through the years because of the trustworthiness they have built with clients.

  Businesses that have partnered with Bitcoin of America to host their ATMs are already seeing a boon with the shift to the universal ATMs. In addition to saving space with just one machine needed, the new, multi-functional machines are bringing in new revenue streams to businesses who earn a portion of the transaction fees involved with using the devices.

  Businesses partnered with Bitcoin of America also benefit from the company’s powerful marketing arm and the monthly advertising budget dedicated to each Bitcoin ATM location. In addition to providing support to customers who host their ATMs, Bitcoin of America also handles all maintenance and installation services for the hardware required to run the Bitcoin ATMs.

  Businesses eager to add Bitcoin ATMs to their locations can sign up online at

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