Best Games to Play for Beginners

Best Games to Play for Beginners

No matter how ‘easy and accessible’ games are now there’s always going to be a learning curve.

First time gamers who want to get their feet wet and try the best beginner-friendly games can look to these titles and genres.


Games of skill and luck don’t require a tutorial. The most popular ones are easy to pick up and play- you just place your bet and hope you win.

Sites like 카지노사이트 provide an excellent platform for those who are looking for a quick in-and-out session. Sit down, relax and every round is a game that can reward you big bucks and a handsome payout.


Minecraft is available on just about any platform- on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. It’s an open sandbox game, which means you can do anything you want with the resources you have.

The player is plopped on a pixel block world which is the equivalent of a giant Lego land. You can build what you want using blocks and play with other people in online servers.

Also, Minecraft is lightweight and can run on just about any modern machine.

Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing franchise is largely limited to mobile phones and the Nintendo Switch. Once you get past the hurdle you’ll find a truly enjoyable game that provides hours of relaxed entertainment.

In a nutshell you’re an island resident beginning a new life. You can harvest wood, rocks and fish or catch bugs, or talk to animal residents and complete communal projects.

Plants vs Zombies

The original Plants vs Zombies is a smash hit when it came out years ago. It may require a bit of learning but everything is covered in the short tutorial.

The sequel can be played on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android and feature dozens of plants and zombie enemies. You’ll be sure to adore the cute graphics as well.

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