Best applications for college or university students

Best applications for college or university students

Today there is an app for everything. The good thing about these mobile apps is that they dramatically make your life safer, cheaper, more comfortable, and a lot more fun. So, whether you wish to take notes, revise the notes, or stay fit, some apps can help you out. So, here we will discuss with you a few such apps. You can use these applications to simplify your life. 

Apps to capture lectures

Going back in time, students attending the lectures would have to spend the entire lecture time wildly scribbling through their notepads to ensure that they do not miss out on any vital information. Keeping the problem in view, several lecture capture applications came into play. These apps will let you record the lectures and listen back to your lectures without spending any extra penny on the lecture recording equipment. Davis, says, that he recently attended an online Java Homework Help class, and recorded it with SoundNite app. SoundNite is an excellent app for iPad users. It is a good audio recorder and a notepad application, which lets you store the lecture in both audio and visual form. However, if you wish to capture the whiteboard, then you could use the Office Lens app. The app will let you photograph the whiteboard and then convert it to a Word, PDF, or PowerPoint file. You can then store all your data with OneDrive or OneNote and later return to it whenever you want to revise your lectures. In addition to SoundNite, there are also other lecture capture apps, such as Audio Memos Free and Notes Plus. 

Exam preparation apps

Today there are a bunch of apps, which help the students prepare for top exams, such as GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT. These apps are highly useful for graduate students who need help with entrance exams. One of the popular application for this is BenchPrep, which has a functionality similar to the social networking platforms and allows you to connect with the other test-takers. It will also help you peruse the revision material comprising notes, quizzes, and a lot more. The app can be incredibly helpful to track your overall learning process. In addition to it, the TCY Exam Prep app is also an excellent exam preparation application. It is highly useful for business students residing in the US and India. The app has a wide range of resources for students preparing for bank exams, CAT or MBA GATE, and GRE exams. 

Revision apps

In this century, the revision apps are hugely popular. These apps have made the process of revision a lot more fun. Danny, who recently looked for Digital Marketing courses on TrumpLearningsays that he is a flashcard fanatic, and truly loves the StudyBlue app. Well, it is a great app, which uses the course information and creates a selection of card sets, which you can later use for revision. You can also make your flashcards to review yourself. In addition to it, you can also check out the GoConqr app, which uses the resources to design mind maps, revision charts, quizzes, notes, and flashcards. It also gives you an ability to collaborate and connect with your classmates, friends, or students from around the world. Another excellent choice of application, which you can try is Exam Countdown. It helps you keep track of the days until the day of your exam. 

Planner applications

For success as well as the well-being of the student at the university, it is crucial to have a good planner app. It brings a good saving on paper and sends you timely reminders and alerts onto your device or phone. One of the popular student planning applications is Timetable. It is an Android app, which has a clean and sharp interface that lets you prepare your timeline as per your convenience. Additionally, for a time planning planner, which looks a lot more familiar, you can consider those that have a traditional spreadsheet-type layout. For this, you can check out applications, such as Class Timetable, an iOS-based app, and My Class Schedule, which is an excellent Android-based mobile application. 

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