Barcode Scanner Holsters Shopping Tips That You Should know

Barcode Scanner Holsters: Shopping Tips That You Should know

Barcode scanners have become the most commonly used gadgets in construction sites, airlines, and retail shops. With their increasing use rate, barcode scanners are becoming expensive; you will have to ensure your gadget is safe. 

The best way you can achieve this is by using a scanner holster. The gadget will prevent losses by conveniently your barcode scanner. And this makes it easy to access any time you need it.

Factors to consider when choosing a barcode scanner holster

Wearing a holster does not come naturally to everyone. Some might find it difficult to wear the holster around, and some holsters can be quite heavy and uncomfortable.

 So, the barcode scanner holster should feel right to use anytime and anywhere. Another factor you can consider is how safe a barcode scanner is. Also, your holster should freely connect to the belt and allow workers to move freely without the gadget falling off.

Shopping tips for a barcode scanner holster

Every team of workers deserves tools that make the job easy or convenient. Janam scanner holster is that kind of device. Many people worry that by buying many barcode scanner holsters at once. This is because there could be a possibility of the holsters being oversize. Below are tips that you can follow when buying barcode scanner holsters. 

1. Sample ordering

Before ordering bulky goods, try ordering a few scanner holsters to test with one of your gadgets. This will act as a sample that will give you information on the holster. It will also help determine if it will fit your scanner, then you can go ahead and order more. Well, this tip might not be very realistic, but it gives you an idea that will help you make a good decision.

2. Compatibility check

Before buying a barcode scanner holster, check its model number, size, and type to see if it fits the design of a specific barcode scanner. Also, check the holsters’ model number and compare it with the barcode scanner that your team uses. This way, you will be sure of the right scanner holster for your device.

3. Check on the shape and dimension of your barcode scanner

This method can be a bit accurate, provided you are comparing measurements between the holster and the scanner. If the measurements are the same, then it’s a relief. You have found the right holster for your barcode scanner. 

Again, look at the shape of your barcode scanner. Is it square-shaped, rectangular, or gun-shaped? You will get answers by closely relating the barcode scanner and the holster. If they match, then you are good to go and can comfortably buy the holster.


Confirming the right clipping is a tip to consider before buying a scanner holster. This is to ensure that the clipping is compatible with your workers’ uniforms. Getting your worker’s scanner holsters is a way to keep them equipped, and they can do two tasks simultaneously. It becomes much easier than you can ever think.

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