Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Black Diamond Rings

Black diamond rings are rare, unique, and alluring. Today more couples are open and getting more adventurous with their choice of rings as engagement rings become more personalized. Although classic diamonds are timeless, other unique gemstones like black diamonds are quickly gaining popularity in the market. With a unique color and sophisticated glamour, black diamond rings are ideal for brides and grooms who love to go against the odds. Find out more on what makes black diamond rings sophisticated and unique.

They are part of the history of pop culture.

Although black diamonds are not as popular as their white counterparts, they are an essential part of pop culture. In ancient times they were rare and not so much sought after as the other colorful gems. But in the 20th century, black diamonds started gaining popularity through pop culture and celebrities. For instance, Mr. Big gave Carrie a black diamond ring in the movie ”sex and the city” which boosted the popularity and interest in black diamond rings.

They have a meaning

Just like their colored counterparts, black diamond rings have a meaning. An Elysium black diamond symbolizes power, charisma, and passion, making it unique and classic. Many people also wear black diamond rings to celebrate its properties, one of which is that black diamond is the toughest gemstone in the world. Black diamond rings also symbolize spirituality and, more specifically, eternity, making them a great choice for engagement rings.

Grading of black diamonds

While the standard 4cs scale grades white and colored diamonds, black diamonds are distinct and therefore can’t be graded on the typical colorless diamond scale. Also, they cannot be graded on clarity because they naturally have high inclusions.

Consequently, black diamonds don’t have the same grading reports as colorless ones. A Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report grades black diamonds and indicates the diamond’s color grade and whether or not the color is natural.

Here are the aspects to check when buying a black diamond ring.


Although black diamond is the toughest stone in the world, it is also brittle and challenging to cut. Experts usually cut black diamond rings in a classic way like pear, round, or cushion. While it sparkles uniquely, a black diamond ring doesn’t reflect light like a white one. Therefore cut is one of the critical things to check when buying a black diamond ring.


Fancy black is the only color grade for black diamonds. However, the depth of the color can differ from one ring to another. Some counterfeit rings are treated to bring out the dark color, so closely examining a black ring is vital before purchasing.


A black diamond ring already stands out from its counterparts, but you can set a diamond ring to bring out a unique characteristic. For instance, a pave setting makes the center stone sparkle more.

Summing up

A black diamond ring is ideal for engagement if you want something unique and sophisticated. Ensure you perform your due diligence before purchasing to choose the right one.

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