All you need to know about hyperbaric chambers and the oxygen therapy

All you need to know about hyperbaric chambers and the oxygen therapy

When people are experiencing health problems that can be reduced or even cured with oxygen therapy, a special protocol in the hyperbaric chamber is recommended. This will increase the oxygen level in the body, and the immediate effects are reduced acidity. Users will also enjoy a rapid increase in energy levels and vitality.

Which health problems can be treated in the hyperbaric chamber

Extensive research in recent years has shown the benefits of oxygen therapy performed in a hyperbaric chamber. Among the diseases that are most sensitive to HBOT protocols are:

• hospital wounds or bed sores

• diabetic foot problems

• bone necrosis of the lower jaw

• acute hearing loss

• cancer

• gas or air emboli

• carbon monoxide poisoning

• tissue transplant

Oxygen therapy performed in the hyperbaric chamber, also known as hyperbaric oxygenation, represents a scientifically recognized method which offers fast results in terms of oxygen supply to the body. Read more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy right here. When in the hyperbaric chamber, the user inhales oxygen in high purity, wearing a special mask, connected to a concentrator. The pressure in the hyperbaric chamber is progressively increased, which means that a significantly higher amount of oxygen can be absorbed into the tissues and cells, compared to the intake under normal environmental conditions.

The hyperbaric chamber makes its effects felt due to the two important components it contains: pressure and oxygen. To increase the ambient pressure, the user needs to be placed in a specially constructed room or device that is resistant to high pressure.

Most cells, and therefore the organs in the human body, function due to the existence of oxygen. When the lungs no longer absorb enough oxygen, the body will be severely affected and symptoms of chronic hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) may occur. When the user suffers from a major oxygen deficiency, any effort, no matter how small, can lead to suffocation and exhaustion. In case of severe deficiency, even the slightest effort can lead to difficulty breathing and exhaustion.

Because the body cannot resist without oxygen, the heart will begin to pump more blood into the pulmonary arteries. This exertion of the body can lead to pulmonary hypertension, with very serious consequences: the walls of the blood vessels thicken and the oxygen in the air is even harder to be absorbed into the blood. As a result of pulmonary hypertension, the heart is in high demand, and this can lead to heart failure.

In the long term, the lack of oxygen in the body can lead to high adaptation efforts on its part, by the formation of more red blood cells. Following this phenomenon, the blood thickens and does not flow as easily and oxygen will be even harder to transport to the cells.

Oxygen therapy, performed in a hyperbaric chamber, helps the body to absorb oxygen in high purity. It dissolves it in blood plasma and will reach the cells as soon as possible. The pure oxygen will help the blood to reach the areas that were not vascularized before.

The best example is recovery from a stroke. This condition will leave important parts of the brain that are not irrigated by blood and oxygen will not get there. Oxygen therapy, performed in the hyperbaric chamber, helps to stimulate cell metabolism. The effect is quite fast and can be seen due to the regeneration of the cells.

There are many types of hyperbaric chambers: fixed, mobile, inflatable, for one person and for several people.

Hyperbaric chambers for one person – also called monoplace hyperbaric chambers

Are dedicated to individual HBOT sessions and users come in turn. The whole chamber is supplied with pure oxygen available with the help of a face mask and the pressure is slowly increased.

Hyperbaric room for several people  – also called multiplace hyperbaric chambers

Are made to be used simultaneous by for several users. For this reason, the increase in pressure inside the hyperbaric chambers is done compressed air to decrease the possibly of explosion. Users will inhale pure oxygen in hyperbaric conditions with the help of a face mask connected to special oxygen concentrators. This type of hyperbaric chamber is more effective because it can provide the same protocol to multiple users at once. In addition, it offers major security in terms of fire prevention, as it benefits from systems that constantly monitor the oxygen concentration, ventilation and CO2 level in the hyperbaric chamber.

Ventilation dome

It is an equipment for users who cannot use a breathing mask. It looks like a plastic hood, with a special plug that connects to the oxygen hose. This dome is placed over the user’s heads and sealed at the neck with a latex tape.

Inflatable hyperbaric chamber

It is very easy to use and is intended for only one person. This hyperbaric chamber model can be used anywhere, being especially designed for home treatment.

Container hyperbaric chamber

It is mainly used in military units or in conflict zones. It offers the possibility of delivering same HBOT protocol for several patients simultaneously.

How a hyperbaric chamber works

Being an extremely complex equipment, a hyperbaric chamber has an automatic operating system. It allows the selection of the desired program or it gives you the possibility to insert the protocol for the oxygen therapy recommended to you by a specialist.

Other components of a hyperbaric chamber are:

Communication system for the user

It has transmission and reception equipment, so that the user is permanently in contact with the person supervising the therapy session

Ventilation system

Even the air inside the hyperbaric chamber it must be ventilated in order to be permanently fresh and to keep the CO2 level steady. To prevent the increase of CO2 concentration in the hyperbaric chamber, beyond the allowable limits, the air inside must be evacuated periodically

Inhalation system for users undergoing oxygen therapy

This system can consist of a specific mask, which is connected to an oxygen concentrator.

This are the international standards that a hyperbaric chamber must comply with, regarding production, import and operation:

  •  – ISO 13485 on the quality management of medical devices
  •  – ISO 9001 on quality management
  •  – CE 2195 certification of the manufacturer according to the EU Directive 93/42 / EEC on medical devices
  •  – ISO 13485 certification of the manufacturer regarding the quality management of medical devices
  •  – ISO9001 manufacturer’s certification on quality management
  • – CE2195 hyperbaric chamber certification according to EU Directive 93/42 / EEC on Medical Devices
  • – EN 13348 certification of the hyperbaric chamber in connection with medical copper tubes
  • – EN 60601-1-2 certification of the hyperbaric chamber regarding the Safety and Efficacy of Medical Electrical Equipment – Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • – 2014/68 / EU certification of the hyperbaric chamber according to the requirements of the European Union regarding the pressure equipment

Oxyhelp hyperbaric oxygen chambers will help the user to breathe pure oxygen inside a room with high atmospheric pressure (up to 2 times higher than normal pressure). The effect is an improvement of  the body’s natural healing powers and stops it from aging. More information about oxygen therapy and hyperbaric chambers can be found on Oxyhelp Industry website.

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