AdBLUE Warning Light

People are unaware of the AdBlue warning light. It is to alert you that your vehicle will not start if you haven’t met the refilling requirement of your tank upto 2400km. Vehicles with SCR technology are provided with technical devices that don’t let your vehicle start without AdBlue.

Almost all the vehicles need AdBlue to warn you when 2-3 liters are remaining. It won’t be unsafe if you don’t refill, but it stops the vehicle from working. It’s important to treat it the way you treat diesel.

Where To Refill AdBLUE?

If the AdBlue warning light alerts you to refill the tank following are the ways to refill them:

  1. Petrol pumps provide AdBlue services but make sure to use a light-duty pump with a low flow rate.The pump you choose should be in accordance with light vehicle tanks
  2. Fill your tank by approx. 10l canister and then use it to refill AdBlue

AdBlue tank is either inside in the trunk of a car or beside the fuel door. Make sure the color of the AdBlue tank is blue to avoid any confusion between the fuel and AdBlue tank.

What Is The Relation Between Diesel Engines And ADBLUE?

You can easily understand the relation between two fuels by giving a read to this comparison;

Fuel difference:

Diesel engines can also run on anything, even on vegetable oil. On the other hand, AdBlue is present in some of the advanced technology consisting of high-tech fuel as well as modifies and extras.

Cost difference:

Vehicles with diesel engines are purified like their counterparts based on petrol. Diesel vehicles are a little bit expensive and cover an average distance.

Harmful emissions:

Diesel engines release harmful emissions. Diesel is extravagant than petrol as well as spreads more pollution. So nowadays, diesel engine cleaners are produced usingadvanced technology, but plenty of complications are still there.

AdBlue is a harmless transparent fluid that decreases the harmful emissions of diesel engines. Actually,an exhaust system uses AdBlue todecrease the emissions of diesel engines.

Harmful mixture:

Make sure never to mix these two fluids, AdBlue and diesel.Even a single drop of AdBlue mixed with the diesel would form a sticky, milky type of substance resulting in damage.It will cost you an extraordinarily expensive repair.


A single drop of diesel fuel will act as animpurity inapprox. Twentyliters of AdBlue and the car will stop working. So, their lid colors are dissimilar to create a difference between the diesel tank and the AdBlue tank.


Some people don’t take the AdBlue warning light seriously, and most of them are unfamiliar with it. But,you need to value it the way you value diesel oil.Otherwise, the vehicle will stop working.

The most important thing is to keep maintenance of AdBlue light. Otherwise, it won’t work properly, and you can be in trouble. Some companies are providing great services to solve all AdBlue-related problems.

The best company is Ecuflash Visit their website and solve all AdBlue problems.

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