A Few Different Kinds of Shirts That Every Man Will Like to Have

A Few Different Kinds of Shirts That Every Man Will Like to Have

The fashion industry mostly pays more attention to women’s wear and traditionally men had very few choices as far as their fashion goes. However, today’s men have also become equally fashion-conscious, and as a result, nowadays you can find a range of selections in the men’s wardrobe too.

Jared Lang is a well-known fashion designer who founded his company in 2010 and since then it has become a brand name based on his name and men’s shirtsdesigned by him have become the latest fashion trend among men.

Let us look at a few different kinds of shirts designed for men that have now become a craze among Haute men.

1. Oxford button-down shirt

This classic Oxford button-down shirt was created by John Brooks in the year of 1896 that still continues to attract men. It is distinguished by the thicker fabric and button-down collar is a casual wear on the traditional dressing style.

2. Dress shirt

If you are aiming to impress people then this elegant yet simplistic shirt is what you need. Typically, it is thicker as compared to a regular shirt, having a pointed, cutaway collar or wing with double cuffs.

3. Overshirt

When the weather is such that wearing a T-shirt alone gives a cold feeling and wearing a coat feels too warm then this overshirt will be the right choice for men.

4. Flannel shirt

If you want to stay warm and stylish then wear a flannel shirt. Often you can see people living in cold climate, wear Flannel shirts. It is made of soft and thick fabric and traditionally available in a checked pattern.

5. Office shirt

If you want to roll up your sleeves for getting to work and also want to look smart, then such an office shirt will be your ideal choice particularly if you are working in a desk job.  Colors like whites and pale blues will be an excellent choice for the workplace.

6. The cotton twill overshirt

This kind of overshirt generally falls between a jacket and a shirt, this evergreen overshirt is made from thick cotton and normally features a button fastening and also several patch pockets to the front.

7. The flannel shirt

When the weather starts biting, then this thick and warm shirt is ideal for layering you up. For the autumn/winter rotation this flannel shirt is a must as a casual classic.

8. Floral Shirts

You will need a few shirts with floral prints to complete your your wardrobe. Floral shirts will be the most versatile items to have, because you can mix and match them with formal trousers or denims to create unuique fashion statement. They also look super cool with jackets and blazers.

9. Classic short sleeve shirt

You can now roll up your sleeves by wearing a classic short sleeve shirt with style. This shirt style has got an open and pointed collar that is similar to the traditional button-down shirts. This shirt will be your stylish option for a casual day while you are at the café or beach.

10. Denim shirt

You can wear your denim shirt along with your tie as an outfit together. A denim shirt can be worn in a casual gathering or any smart-casual event, it will create an effortless sense of cool.

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