A Beginners’ Guide on Tracking Keywords, Keyword Performance, and Rank Trackers

A Beginners’ Guide on Tracking Keywords, Keyword Performance, and Rank Trackers

As we live in a world of growth marketing, understanding the notion of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the importance of keyword tracking and performance is an essential part of each major (and minor) business.

We track keywords to ensure the best possible value for the ranking of our company’s website in search engines. Keyword tracking and keyword performance can give users great insight into the company’s website, further leading that company to improve its content strategy and traffic flow.

In the remainder of the text, we’ll explain the notions of keyword tracking, keyword performance, and why using a daily keyword rank tracker can greatly help each company improve.  

Understanding keyword tracking and keyword performance & the usage of rank trackers 

Keyword tracking

Keyword tracking is an activity of monitoring the position of a particular website in search engines for specific keywords. We use keyword tracking to gather essential metrics and data about particular keywords and see how well our website is ranked for some exact keywords. In an ideal world, a website will be in the top position for a particular keyword, or at least in the top five results of the search engine websites.

Keyword performance

As we’ve already pointed out, placing focus on keywords is of essential importance for all aspects of SEO. The performance of keywords will rank our website higher in the search engine, and keyword tracking can help us gain insight into which keywords will have the best performance. That way, we can understand our SEO strategies better, alter them, place greater focus on them, and develop the best ones in the end.

Rank trackers

We use rank trackers for three main reasons:

  • Future strategies – we see the current rank of our keywords and use it to develop strategies on how to identify and better the ranking opportunities for our future keywords, to place greater focus on them;
  • To monitor our competition – we use rank trackers to see how well a competitor is ranked compared to us, which can help us, as a company, to better understand how to select each keyword to beat our search-engine competition;
  • To optimize content – rank trackers can help us improve our content and select the right keywords to drive more online traffic to the address of our website.
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