8 Easy-to-Grow and Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

8 Easy-to-Grow and Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

Most homeowners want to enhance the look of their home, both in and out. So they do some repairs, repainting, and other stuff that, in most cases, might cost them a dime. But do you know what could make the home more stunning without having to be all that expensive? Having flowering plants in your garden.

Plants do not only beautify your home, but they promote your well-being, too. In fact, it gives both emotional and mental benefits. That is why they say that gardening can also be a way of escaping from life stressors. All the more once you see the flowers bloom, one after the other.

The truth is, you don’t really have to be a “pro” gardener for you to have a spectacular garden. A little background on how to care for them could already get you a long way. Most of all, knowing what kind of flowers to grow might just release your hidden green thumb. Listed below are some easy-to-grow flowering plants that you can plant in your yard.

Bird of Paradise

Have you mistaken a plant for a bird or a bird for a plant? Chances are, you might have encountered the bird of paradise. This regal plant is known for its stunning, orange and blue, crane-like flowers that resemble a forest flying creature. Hence, they are also referred to as crane flowers.

Surprisingly, it is simple to grow your own bird of paradise plant at home as they are easy-going. Aside from being beautiful garden plants, they can also make an excellent indoor, tropical plant.

Agapanthus Baby Pete

Baby Pete is a compact shrub that produces bold blue to purple flowers all throughout the mid-spring to summer months. These plants adapt very well to most soil types, preferably well-drained, and do not require much water, only needing them during warmer periods.

Baby Pete could serve as a low foreground plant that could effectively harmonize and bring out the orange hues of your bird of paradise.

English Lavender

English lavenders are herbaceous perennials that are grown for their vibrant, purple blossoms appearing in late spring to early summer. They are often grown for their sweet-smelling flowers, making them very ideal as fragrant hedges. The scent they give off is very soothing, which is why essential oils coming from them are used for aromatherapy products.

Besides these therapeutic benefits, they can also bring a touch of elegance to your garden. What’s more, is that they don’t require much. Just expose them to full sun, and place them in well-drained soil.

Lion’s Tail

This deer-resistant, semi-evergreen shrub is prized for its deep orange, two-lipped, fuzzy flowers that bear a resemblance to a lion’s tail. They usually bloom around late spring through fall. What’s so lovely about them is that they are not so particular about soil types as long as they are well-drained and kept moist.

For a more dazzling show that could make your neighbors and passers-by stop and look, try to combine them with other brightly colored plants like the English lavender.


Talking about showstoppers, Hydrangeas could effortlessly grab the attention of anyone looking through your garden. With its large globe of brilliant flowers, this shrub might look elegant and high-maintenance, but they actually aren’t. In fact, once you’ve established these beauties, they can grow quickly and all by themselves.

Pruning hydrangea is also easy since they can bloom even from new wood. Just plant them down the ground, and once the new shoots have come out, you can then transplant them anywhere in your yard.


Also known as pinks, their blooms resemble that of small carnations and have a sweet-spicy fragrance. They can come in different shades of pink, red, and sometimes white hues. Not only do their flowers bring appeal, but the bluish-grey foliage also contributes to their attraction. Most of their varieties can behave as annuals, biennials, or perennials.

Growing between 6 to 18 inches in height, they can be planted as groundcovers or grown in borders.


Peony flowers have varying hues of reds and pinks. They are perennial plants that bloom every year, mostly from late spring through summer. Like Hydrangea, they might look delicate but don’t get fooled: they are actually easy-care plants, and if well-tended, they can even last for 50 years and longer!

They also have glossy, deep green leaves, so when the flowers are not yet in full bloom, your garden can still look spectacular with their handsome foliage.


Cosmos has gained popularity among home gardeners in their own right. This is because aside from their colorful blooms, they are really easy to grow annual plants that can bloom as early as two months after sowing the seeds in the garden. They also blend well with just about every type of flower you might have; that’s why they are ideal garden plants.


Decorating your garden with flowering plants could bring out the unique and lovely side that you never knew your home could possess. With the easy-to-grow and low-maintenance plants mentioned in this article, you would realize that you don’t need to spend too much to make your residence look appealing. The answer is in nature, all along.

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