7 Effective Tips to Sprucing Up Guest Accommodation for Maximum Returns

7 Effective Tips to Sprucing Up Guest Accommodation for Maximum Returns

If you manage a hotel, own an Airbnb, or rent out rooms for short-term or long-term guests, aesthetics is everything. When it’s time to spruce it up a bit, there is a dynamic list of ‘to-dos’ that will help you make it look fresh and stylish and inviting again. Sometimes hotel refurbishment can seem challenging, but you simply need the right approach.

There are a few considerations before you begin, such as whether the market demands an upgrade. You do need to move with the times. Or, if you find that your guest numbers aren’t as high as it was previously, perhaps your look has something to do with it?

Here are different decorating approaches to consider, all with high ROI potential.

Renew Floors

Floor space is all important. It’s not something that people pay conscious attention to, but your floor will create a subtle statement of the quality of service you provide and the market you’re catering for. Also, it’s the backdrop with which the rest of your space must fit in harmoniously.

If you choose un upmarket modern style, then a marble or marble-like floor gives a smart feel. For a vintage establishment, you may choose a luxurious carpet or solid wooden floors to give you your specific ambience.

Spruce Up Walls

Your walls, especially in a large hotel, are going to make one of the biggest statements apart from your furniture. You can do an accent wall as people come in, to wow them for that vital first impression.

Some practical examples:

  • Words of welcome written in different languages, will make people feel at home. They will sense that you’re trying to reach out to them.
  • Add a small fountain and pond in front of your accent wall, and bring in some fish. You’ll have a small entertainment area to keep people busy while they wait for service, or for a taxi. Let no one feel bored in your establishment!
  • Add some interesting artwork to show off your good taste.
  • Even if you don’t purchase anything new, simply change your pictures around to give return guests something new to look at.
  • Murals can do well in certain places if you want a classic vibe.

Renovate the Roof

Rooves and ceiling make minimal difference compared to floors and walls. Still, if you can incorporate fascinating roof mouldings, it may make a powerful statement about your brand.

Or, do you want to use roof paintings to good effect? As long as you have a good artist do it, it can work. A second-rate service provider may ruin the entire room with a bad outcome. So pick wisely.

Another roof that speaks volumes is the thatch roof, relevant to safari-type lodges. These do need cleaning and repairing often, because they degrade and can get damaged by birds or other wild animals. However, they bring coolness and a sense of natural harmony to a place. So, do consider this if you have any type of countryside venue.

Change Furnishings

The furniture you use is perhaps the most visible statement you can make about your establishment. Modern, classic, or rustic, you want to be able to talk about who you are through those tables, beds and chairs.

Look for quality hotel furniture for sale, so it is durable enough to survive excessive use by guests. You can scour second hand and antique shops for the items that you require but be careful that these pieces don’t spoil the style and professionalism you want to communicate.

Create a New Layout

You may change the entire layout of your entranceway to make it more visitor friendly, functional and memorable:

  • Add a lounge.
  • Build a fireplace in one corner.
  • Adopt small coffee spaces.
  • Create a small interior garden with pathways and benches for a peaceful, natural space.

Just make sure your front desk is completely visible from all angles, and that you have clear entranceways for guests with lots of luggage.

Build New Facilities

If you have the capital to renovate, you may wish to add a gym, or a games area. What about a spa and wellness centre? Whatever adds to the quality of your guests’ stay will never go to waste.

Add Plants

One of the best suggestions of what to add to guest accommodation, is plants. They may require watering, trimming and maintenance, but they carry immense value in this industry:

  • They absorb noise and echo.
  • Plants make a room feel more intimate and peaceful.
  • Greenery can increase oxygen levels.
  • Guests feel more connected to nature, which is more welcoming than a clinical feel.

Last Tips

When renovating a guest space, consider working from top to bottom, and do your rooms over as a whole unit. Keep to your theme and revitalise your spaces to wow new and familiar guests alike.

Your staff may even feel more motivated working in such as stylish atmosphere!

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.