6 Artistic Chess Set Designs That Will Get You Hooked!

6 Artistic Chess Set Designs That Will Get You Hooked!

What game comes to your mind when we say intellectual, elegant, and antique? Chess, right? The game has been around from time immemorial. The frenzy among Chess lovers is the same as before; the rules continue to be the same as before; however, what has changed is Chess set designs. From reproduction of old and classic chess sets to introducing modern chess set design, transformation of chess sets have seen tremendous variations. We have pinned down a list of enchanting chess sets that will set interior decor goals for you. So, let’s plunge in!

1- Wooden Chess Set

Wooden chess sets are the most polarizing sets among others. Well, this is mainly because some people can never get enough of the wooden setting, which appears quite elegant. At the same time, some people consider the look of wooden chess sets as banal and cliche. However, the new wooden chess sets are setting their trend with their irresistible elegant look. This chess set is given preference for more of an ancient or vintage look.

2- Luxury Chess Set

As goes by its name, a luxury chess set’s sole purpose is to get the onlookers awestruck with its royalness. A few chess set designs are meant to enhance the beauty of the space you are ornamenting it with. A luxury chess set is one of them. Whether you are an avid chess lover or a chess collector, you must have a luxury chess set in your collection! Moreover, a recent survey found that many offices or hotel lines purchase luxury chess set to bring a royal look to their space setting!

3- Metal Chess Set

The concept of a metal chess set appeals to a majority of chess lovers. This category of chess is considered one of the most beautiful chess sets, as the metallic look of the chess set is a creative treat for the eyes. Ideally, these metal chess sets are created using either solid brass or brass that is generally polished with nickel. Furthermore, metal chess sets come in a wide range of stylish and gorgeous designs that usually other chess sets cannot provide.

4- Travel Chess Set

The inception of the travel chess set speaks volumes about people’s fancy for the game. Among the other chess set designs, travel sets have been making rounds in the market for various reasons. Travel chess sets are primarily light in weight, easy to carry, and beautiful. These can be whipped out anywhere and at any time. Be it on a flight, train, bar, or even on a park bench. The best part about travel sets is that the player enjoys playing on them as much as he enjoys playing on regular chess sets.

5- Marble Chess Set

A marbledesigner chess set is pure bliss if you wish to create a royal and elegant look for the space. Additionally, what makes this chess set ideal for gifting purposes? It is the intrinsic beauty with swirls and veins that this chess set brings along. Moreover, its delicate factor makes it even more an elegant choice for a gift, especially in the corporate or business sector. Wait, there is more. What could be less desirable about this set when it comes to home decor, elegant gifts choice, and always ready for a game session? Not forgetting to mention the fine gloss on the marble chess set that does not let the eyes off of the onlookers.

6- Staunton Chess Set

Staunton chess sets have lately become the trendsetter among chess lovers. The essential factor behind their immense popularity is the worthiness that professional players always choose over other designer chess sets. From practising to playing official games, Staunton chess sets are the first choice of any professional chess player. The well-balanced design assists the players in concentrating on the game with a smooth movement of the pieces. The Staunton chess set is usually crafted using hardwoods like walnut, maple, ebony, rosewood, mahogany, etc. So, this chess set can surely be found in your collection if you are a big-time chess lover.

Browsing through the beautiful and different designs of chess sets is always a pleasant sight for the eyes and heart, and one can just scroll through them forever. We can totally relate! If you are searching to have a delighted chess set enrolled in your collection, Royal Chess Mall could be your final resort.

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