5 Tech Tools to Aid with Smoking Cessation

5 Tech Tools to Aid with Smoking Cessation

Due to its addictive nature smoking can be a difficult habit to kick. Luckily there are now ways you can help yourself aside from going completely cold turkey.

Technology can play a huge role in tobacco cessation. There are a few ways how it can help you stay away from smoking for good. Here are 5 examples.


Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs for short are cessation tools that can replace the look, feel and taste of real cigarette.

The world of vaping has expanded since it was invented. Today, you can have a simple vape for casual e-smoking or build a customized one using your chosen vape parts.

Regardless of build, vaping can help you get rid of the habit eventually by giving you the smoking experience without the harm that comes with actual smoking.

You can also veer away from smoking by having a vape hobby. For instance, you can read up on the best MTL tanks and discuss particulars with fellow enthusiasts online.

Telecommuting with Your Doctor

Doctors are still the primary source of help when you want to curb a habit. They can find out the root of the cause on why you want to smoke so much and can recommend ways on how to stop them, e.g., nicotine patches, anti-anxiety meds and others.

To this end you can get a doctor’s appointment simply by using an app on your phone and connecting to the internet. You get professional help at the comfort of your own home.

Online Forums, Groups and Communities

Smokers tend to have a higher chance to kick the habit if they’re in a support group. Just the thought of someone who’s in the same boat before and has successfully quit smoking can be a motivational factor in itself.

Technology is wonderful because now you won’t have to commute or find the counseling room and getting lost along the way. A smartphone or computer is all that’s needed to join, speak with and discuss smoking-related matters thru chat, video conferencing or messaging.

Social media, websites and resources are available on the internet when you need additional support. All these things go a long way towards smoking cessation and for you to start your journey to better health.


There’s an app for everything, including ones that help with the smoking addiction.

Some apps are informative and serve as a guide to how you can be healthier without smoking, for example. Others act as alerts and as platforms that reward you for going X days without a smoke.

Newer apps include live coaching, sensors and customized plans, as well as asking the support of friends and family members in the smoker’s journey to quitting. Along the way you can record your experiences, how you feel and other things in-app.

Wearable Technology

Wearable devices such as smartwatches can help you find other healthy activities, such as jogging, exercising or lifting weights at home. You can now watch fitness sessions that cater to yoga, high intensity training or aerobics and get real-time feedback via distance traveled, calories burned and more.

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