5 Skylight Accessories and Why You Need Them!

5 Skylight Accessories and Why You Need Them!

Have you recently decided to install skylights throughout your home? Good choice! Skylights comes with many advantages, such as energy efficiency, improved ventilation and of course natural light.

It’s possible to add even more value to your recent installation. Several accessories can add convenience and even help you influence the amount of light you get in each room in your home. Skylight accessories are available from quality contractors offering skylights Sydney and other Australia locals can have installed. Learn some more so you can optimise your investment.

Accessorising Equals Convenience

When it comes to skylights, the more convenient they are the better. Accessories can make a huge difference in how you utilise the skylight. Here’s a look at some of the accessories you can get to enhance your skylights in your home.

Ventilation Add on Kit: Keep Ventilation Where It’s Needed

The decision to install skylights throughout your home was probably made to add natural light to some dark spaces. But laundry rooms and bathrooms are often prone to high humidity. So, added ventilation would be a big plus in some rooms too.

Fortunately, your newly installed skylight can offer you both daylight and additional ventilation. The added ventilation comes in the form of an innovative kit suitable for bathrooms and other high humidity areas. But how exactly does it work?

The unit consists of an in-line fan motor which easily extracts up to 52 litres of air every second it’s on. A plus point is that it can easily be positioned up to at least 2m from the ceiling vent. With its sleek and compact design, your ceiling isn’t left looking cluttered.

The Daylight Dimmer: Control the Light in Each Room

Sometimes when you’re having a nap during the day or watching a movie, you might want the room to be slightly darker. The best way to achieve this is by using a Daylight Dimmer Switch. This switch is conveniently mounted to the wall in the room in which you’d like the option of light control.

This kit is a nifty alternative to skylight blinds and fits snugly inside the tube. Butterfly valves which are controlled by the wall-mounted switch produce a low voltage. This allows you to regulate the amount of daylight entering the room.

You can easily use the Daylight Dimmer Switch to create a specific mood or just to dim the lights to avoid glare when you’re working on your computer or watching TV. This is also a wonderful option to add to a child’s bedroom.

Effect Lens: Warm Light

If you’d like an option that warms or even softens the light’s colours streaming into your room, then the Effect Lens can help you with that. There are three options to select from.

The Warm Effect Lens enhances the natural daylight by warming the light. This creates a colour comparable to luminous bulbs. The second option is a Softening Effect Lens which creates a softer more indirect natural lighting effect. Thirdly, you have the option of a Natural Effect Lens. It provides intense white natural daylight.

Solar Electric Nightlight: Use the Sunlight at Night

One of the newer additions to the skylight accessory range is an adaptable solar electric Nightlight. As the name suggests, this accessory makes use of solar power to work. The Nightlight harvests daylight during the day and then radiates a soft ambient light throughout the night.

This accessory is perfect for stairwells, bathrooms, hallways and kitchens. The idea is to have enough light to easily navigate the space you’re in, without having to make use of the glare of bright overhead lights.

Light Add-on Kit: Add Bright Light

Do you ever find yourself needing more light in a room than is provided? Perhaps you have a hobby that requires additional lighting? Well, the good news is there’s a skylight attachment that can assist you with this.

The Light Add-on Kit keeps your home brightly lit up long after the sun has gone down. This particular kit offers a handy lighting solution that looks neat and streamlined. Not only will it fit into your current décor, but it also eliminates the need for two separate ceiling fixtures.

To add ventilation to the same room, simply fit the unit with a Ventilation Add-On kit. Both of these can be easily wired to an existing light switch, so your new gadgets won’t ruin a room’s wall aesthetics.


Every room in your home has a distinct purpose and therefore needs its own type of lighting and ventilation. Investing in a few skylight accessories will allow you to use lighting just the way you need it. This means you’ll get the best out of your skylight and the space it illuminates.

Invest in a few skylight accessories today and enjoy the benefits of light and ventilation when you need them!

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