5 Reasons Why Crane Hire Is Still Popular in 2022

5 Reasons Why Crane Hire Is Still Popular in 2022

If you own a construction company in Australia, chances are you’re going to need a crane at some point. This might leave you debating the idea of whether to buy or rent. While ownership has its own benefits, it still makes more economical sense to hire the specific crane you need for each job.

When your current project calls for lifting and moving loads, many companies opt for the crane hire Melbourne and other Australian cities rely on to get jobs done effectively. If you’re still on the fence about renting a crane then this article is for you!

Opting for Crane Hire – A Win-Win Situation

With the increased demand for construction projects to be finished faster, it’s no secret that using the right machines make all the difference. Fortunately, we live in an age where you can rent just about anything. And heavy machinery is no exception. That includes a wide variety of cranes that are needed to make construction jobs easier and more efficient.

That being said, wouldn’t it be more convenient to simply buy a crane and have it right there when you need it? Keep reading to see why your company should rather opt for rental, even when you can afford to buy one.

More Economical

The primary reason construction companies consider the rental option is the cost involved. Depending on the type of crane you’re looking at, the cost can be quite exorbitant. For many companies, the expense of a new crane doesn’t warrant the number of times it’s used in a financial year.

On average, renting a crane for two or three projects per year will save thousands of dollars as opposed to a purchase agreement instalment that will run on for years. The main reason for this is that when you hire you pay on an as-needed basis. Rental allows you to use the machine without dipping into a large chunk of your capital either as a cash payment or as a down payment.

Choose the Right Crane for the Terrain

While construction seems very mundane to an outsider, the reality is it’s very seldom that two jobs are the same. That means you might need a different crane with different functions for each job. That being said, you’ll have a problem if the crane you’ve purchased is perfect for one type of terrain but not another. It’s really not practical to buy more than one type of crane.

Rental allows you to rent the right crane for the type of terrain you’re working on. It also means you can rent various machines for different days or jobs. This is a great way to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Routine Maintenance, Services and Repairs

When you own the crane you’re using, the brunt of maintenance services and potential repairs rests on your shoulders. While you can train employees to perform the maintenance tasks, it would still take the machine off the site for that particular day. This in turn could mean that your project is standing still, which costs money.

When you rent a crane, part of the contract involves a maintenance, service and repair plan. This usually means that the contractor will supply you with another machine if the crane you’re renting has to be taken off the job site for service. By doing this you ensure that the job doesn’t stop, and your project’s progress can stay on track.

Operators on Staff

When you purchase a crane, you will most likely have to employ a fully-trained operator. Depending on the state you live in, and the type of crane you’re using, there might be licenses and permits needed as well. All this equals additional costs on your part. You might end up paying for a full-time operator even though the crane doesn’t work every day.

With a rental contract, you have the opportunity to include a fully trained and licensed operator in the deal. This means you only pay them when you need them, and the cost of training and licensing doesn’t come out of your profits.

Access to Latest Technology

Imagine the following scenario. You just spent a chunk of your capital investing in a crane only to find that your next job requires functions your crane can’t perform. With crane rental, you have access to different machines that boast the latest technologies.

Additionally, you’ll have access to a list of attachments needed to get the job done. Innovative technology gets jobs done more effectively and possibly in a faster time frame. This will give your company an edge over competitors.

Final Thought

To summarise, by opting to rent cranes rather than using a large amount of capital to purchase them, you not only save your company money but also reduce potential downtime. There’s no need to stress over licensing, maintenance or training costs or pay for a machine that might not be working every day.

Crane rental is an effective way to get the job done on time by using the latest technology when it suits you!

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