5 Reasons Why Businesses are Selling More Bralettes Than Underwired and Padded Bras

5 Reasons Why Businesses are Selling More Bralettes Than Underwired and Padded Bras

Bralettes are taking over the world, and it’s no surprise to see why. Suppose you feel like your breasts need more room than padding or underwires allow. In that case, they provide a breathable alternative to traditional bras that can also improve your posture and make you feel more self-confident at work and in social situations. Sales of bralettes have doubled in recent years, so if you’re looking to make this trend work for your business, check out why businesses are selling more bralettes than underwired and padded bras.

1.   Comfort

Quality Bralettes can be much more comfortable than an underwire, especially if you have sensitive skin. Many women have minor discomfort when wearing a bralette during exercise and daily. While some women may feel freer to move around in a bralette (particularly those who engage in sports), some find they’re more comfortable wearing one when lounging around or lying down.

That is because it doesn’t dig into your chest as much as an underwire does, meaning no wires poking you while resting. Comfort is a factor for many women who wear bralettes.

2.   Sexy Lingerie

A lingerie is one of a few tools for making a woman feel sexy. Studies have shown that women who wear a bralette as outerwear report greater self-esteem, higher body-image satisfaction, better body awareness, positive body attitudes, and confidence. When women feel good about themselves, they take on a more powerful persona at work – which can boost their confidence in public.

The male gaze is not something you want to avoid but rather embrace. Bralettes help to enhance your natural beauty without sacrificing your femininity. They’re also great for under sheer tops or dresses where straps would show with an underwire bra.

3.   Excellent Body Fit

Do you ever feel like your underwire bras don’t fit quite right? Or maybe they look a little funny underneath some tops? For many women, their underwires aren’t where they should be; instead of lying flat against their chest wall, these wires tend to stick out at an angle. It is unsightly and causes irritation and pain throughout the day.

Many women say they don’t get along with underwire bras because of how poorly they fit. If you nod, it may be time to switch things up and try a new style altogether! Bralettes are on the rise and are getting more love than padded and underwired bras because they fit a wide range of body types and provide comfort and support while looking chic.

4.   New Focus on Athletic Body

Because of popularized sports like CrossFit, yoga, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), women have begun to focus on building muscle rather than wearing restrictive bras. Women want to wear clothing that allows them to feel good during exercise. That is another reason why a small percentage of businesses are selling more bralettes than underwired bras. They allow freedom of movement while still providing support.

5.   Style Over Function

Even though they may not offer as much support as a regular bra, many women believe that bralettes look better on them. They often take a design to show off more skin, have lacy or pretty details, or be softer and less constricting. When shopping for bras in-store, women can see and feel these differences firsthand, making it easy to choose a bralette over a traditional one. It’s not just about comfort; it’s also about style. They’re highly versatile and come in many different styles, so you never have to sacrifice style for comfort again!


A padded or underwired bra doesn’t mean it will be more comfortable, attractive, or even safer for women than a bralette. A bralette can still offer many benefits without any of these extras. It all depends on what your needs are. If you don’t feel like you need a ton of support, then stick with a bralette. In addition to being incredibly comfortable, they’re also cute and trendy. And that makes them an excellent choice for young girls who want to wear bras but also want to express their individuality fashionably. Bracelets are great accessories that can help define your look while adding extra comfort at the same time.

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