5 factors you should consider when choosing an electric forklift

5 factors you should consider when choosing an electric forklift

Companies that are engaged in manufacturing and packaging today use the electric forklift to move goods from one location to another within a premise, such as a warehouse. However, with the wide range of forklifts on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing one, especially if it’s the first for the company. But with the right research and understanding of your business needs as well as knowing your budget, you can make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing your first forklift. But if you’re still considering if getting an electric forklift will help your businesses, here are five reasons why it will:

It saves money on fuel bills

Electric forklifts don’t require petrol or gas to operate, and offer considerable savings in fuel. All you need is an optimal battery charging station that meets the necessary safety standards. It typically costs less than a diesel or liquid propane gas (LPG), and usually outperforms its fuel counterparts. Powered by a quick, high-frequency charging station and high-voltage modern drive system, an electric forklift is more robust, safer and easier to maintain, as well as more economical to operate.

It offers higher productivity

Advanced electric forklifts are known for their improved operational productivity through the use of lithium-ion batteries. They can operate for long hours on a single battery charge owing to better consistent power output and shorter recharge times. Furthermore, the optimal design of the forklift trucks allows you to have uninterrupted views of the forks, as well as the load for improved productivity.

An electric forklift is designed to manage a shift in direction while on the movie without needing to go on a complete stop. With this faster acceleration time, an electric forklift can help to move more materials in or out of your manufacturing unit or warehouse, thus improving productivity.

It helps reduce operating emissions

The electric battery-charged forklifts are environmentally friendly, as they don’t release any emissions. Unlike gasoline, diesel and LPG internal combustion engines, electric ones don’t give out harmful chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter. There’s no danger of workers inhaling poisonous gases while using the forklifts, or just by being in the same warehouse. Studies show that shifting to electric-powered forklifts from LPG forklifts would prevent the emission of about 20,000 pounds of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2,000 hours of operation every year.

Electric forklifts are suitable for material handling inside factories or warehouses as you don’t have to invest in expensive ventilation to get rid of the exhaust fumes. Additionally, they don’t cause any noise, except for the warning beacon when necessary and the sound of the lift.

It offers low maintenance cost

Electric forklifts don’t have many moving parts. Unlike internal combustion (IC) engines, they don’t have crankshafts and pistons, and, as a result, there is neither crankcase oil to change nor engine filters to throw away. IC machines require regular maintenance of filters and fluids, which can be expensive in the long run. You also lose time due to periodic maintenance, which affects productivity.

Electric forklifts require only battery maintenance and of course, regular cleaning. They can operate for extended hours without any maintenance. You don’t have to stock any special tools or spare parts, which can be quite expensive.

It comes with attachments for maximum utility

Though there are electric forklifts with varying capacities and lift heights, they are designed for specific purposes. For instance, counterbalance forklifts with different capacities can perform a variety of tasks, such as transport and retrieval of loads and dock work. In addition, they come with attachments to maximise their utility. You can use special tools to shift the load from one side to another side, increase the reach of the machine, position the fork, and clamp the carton.

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