5 Best Things to Do in Nepal

5 Best Things to Do in Nepal

Nepal’s geographical terrain is decorated with a cauldron of mountains, high hills, and vast plains. Nepal is quite an ideal place for adventure lovers. With a diverse territory, Nepal also houses multiple cultures and ethnic groups. And with all these delights, Nepal is one exciting place to experience adventure and calming activities. Its ethnic diversity and topographical features are exciting things to be involved in and learn about.

Similarly, this tiny nation hosts a wide range of wild vegetation making Nepal, an absolute destination for exploration of Mother Nature. Overall, Nepal is a pleasant vacation destination that offers varieties of exciting and adventurous things to do for travelers. And here in this blog, we highlight the 5 best things to do in Nepal for visitors.

Trek the Nepal Himalayas

Nepal is home to several world’s highest mountain ranges; thus, several beautiful trekking destinations. For mountain lovers or adventure daredevils, Nepal’s rugged mountain trails are paradise. Every second while walking through these trails, people can feel the presence of the giant peaks of Nepal. Besides that, the sheer feeling of walking with the mountains is a great feeling one could have while trekking in Nepal. Nepal’s eastern is a famous trekking destination as these sections house the world-famous Everest Base Camp Trek. Likewise, the western part of Nepal is also quite known for its incredible variety of communities and viewpoints. Besides, the most admired Annapurna Base Camp trek also lies in this trekking destination. Overall, trekking is the most sought-after thing to do in Nepal due to Nepal’s stunning mountain scenery and unique culture.

White River Rafting

With more than 600 rivers, Nepal is quite an ideal place for adventure sports such as white river rafting. The rivers of Nepal offer all sorts of water rapids for a rafting adventure. Hence, from beginner level to experienced, the water rapids of Nepal are suitable for everybody. Besides, rafting is not only the activity available to do in the rivers of Nepal. People can partake in kayaking, boating activities under the guidance of professional rafters. As white rafting is an outdoor activity with extraordinary rafting adventures, one can also tour the surrounding areas. Most rafting rivers of Nepal have small villages and dense forests in their vicinity. Thus, visitors can also explore these settings while going on white river rafting in Nepal.

Take a tour of the cultural heritage sites of Kathmandu valley.

Taking a tour of the cultural heritage sites of Kathmandu valley Take a tour of the cultural heritage sites of Kathmandu valley.

is a popular day trip in Nepal. This tour entails visiting the UNESCO world heritage sites of Kathmandu, which includes Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and three sacred heritage sites. These holy sites are Swayambhunath, Boudhanath stupa, Pashupatinath temple, and Changu Narayan temple. These heritages allow travelers to know about the history of Nepal as well as spiritual Nepal. The durbar squares reflect the rich cultural arts and heritage of Nepal. On that note, the temple sites show the deep faith of Nepalese towards their religion. Religion and Nepal’s arts and architecture are essential treasures and give insightful overlook about the country. Thus, people visiting should partake in a sightseeing tour of the heritage sites of Kathmandu valley.

Adrenaline rushing adventure sports

From mild to extreme, all types of adventure sports are available to do in Nepal. Nepal is one of the ideal places in the world to tryout spine chilling adventure sports. From jumping off a bridge to the sky, everything is available to do in Nepal. Similarly, Nepal has become a mainstream destination for adventure sports because of its diverse choice of adventure. Paragliding, sky diving, mountaineering, canyoning, rock climbing, mountain biking, many more are few adventure sports categories. In addition to variety, it is one of the affordable and well-maintained, and safe places for these mind-boggling activities. Not every activity is extreme; there are some activities too that are suitable for faint-hearted people. For instance, zipline, kayaking, mountain flight, helicopter tours are few exhilarating and best things to do in Nepal. All and behold, whatever activity you choose to do, you shall have a memory to live for eternity.

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Nepal’s wide area of dense tropical forests is the perfect spot for jungle safari and other jungle-related activities. Although Nepal is a tiny country, people worldwide visit Nepal for its wide assortment of animals and birds. Nature lovers find Nepal’s tropical and high-altitude forest a paradise to watch birds and find rare and wild animals. However, besides high-altitude forests, Nepal’s tropical forests are more popular for jungle safaris. To be honest, Chitwan national park and Bardia national park are particularly famous for jungle safari. These forests house endangered one-horned rhinos and royal Bengal tigers, and many species of birds. Hence these national parks are an ideal place for bird watching. Likewise, travelers can go on jungle walks, jeep safari, and canoeing activities to observe wild animals in these parks. These activities allow travelers to watch animals without disturbing their natural habitat. Therefore, if wild animals and nature intrigue you, Nepal is the best place in Asia to see such diversity in a small length of time.

Beyond these great activities, there are plenty of other things to do in Nepal. For instance, one can sign up for cooking or Thanka painting classes. Likewise, one can participate in day hiking trips around Kathmandu valley or go extreme by opting for peak climbing in Nepal. There is just so much more one can do in Nepal, and every trip will ensure a lifetime experience.

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