5 Best Natural Pain Killers for Lower back Pain

5 Best Natural Pain Killers for Lower back Pain

No matter what job you do in life, what kind of life you live, or how physically active you are, at least 80% of our population at least once in their life feels unprovoked back pain. The biggest misconception for this is that you should rest, on the contrary, you must be physically active at that time, it would be desirable to use walking as a fight against back pain. We don’t have a concrete answer to how back pain occurs, it can simply be caused by the greatest amount of rest, physical work, or genetics. You can always get into a walk-in clinic and find out more about your pain if you want professional help. But until then, below we will list some segments on a natural basis that can be of help in that unpleasant situation.

1. Cabbage leaves as a traditional natural medicine

Cabbage is an old and natural remedy for pain in most parts of the body as chiropractor from Walk In explains it. Some scientists compare it to the magnetic extraction of pain from our bodies. And this is done by cleaning the cabbage leaves well, then putting them on the sore spot, which has been smeared with some aromatic oil. It is desirable to keep it for 6 hours during the day, for some 6 days, and then take a break for two weeks and use it as needed. Although in most cases it is not necessary to repeat, because it brings out the pain.

2. Garlic as a natural remedy against lower back pain

Garlic is considered a highly respected spice/herb both in our kitchen and in the fight against pain on a natural basis. A very important analgesic, it is also a factor that improves circulation, finds painful places, and thus protects them from infections. Mashed garlic turns into a cream, so it is necessary to apply it to the painful area as such.

3. Easy movement and walking

A light walk can be combined with some light stretching exercises. Every doctor and assistant from Walk in will advise you to pay attention to this. After resting for no longer than 48 hours, it is recommended to move with a certain degree of caution to keep the back protected and therefore relaxed. Many cases show that after that relief is felt in that area of the back.

4. Warm poultices made of herbs

There is also a traditional folk remedy that has proven to be very effective for lower back pain. This can be done by soaking the compress in brandy or some tea (chamomile is recommended), and then warming it up and placing it on the painful area. Also, an excellent analgesic on a natural basis.

5. Massage in combination with St. John’s wort oil

Finding a good physical therapist like Walk In chiropractor will help your back a lot. Massage helps by relaxing the cramped parts of the muscles and improving circulation in that part of the back where the pain occurred, and a winning combination is to do it with St. John’s wort oil because its function is to reduce inflammation and thereby regulate part of the pain. Walk-in can help you a lot if you chose to fight against the pain with this method.

In addition to the above, many more options could be used against back pain, and they are strictly natural. Many of the tips that we have previously mentioned have proven to be a great relief for all those who have had this unpleasant situation with pain in the lower back, it is not bad to use mint, chamomile, St. John’s wort, or rosemary tea with all this.

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