4 Ways Technology Can Make Assisted Living Easier for Your Loved One

4 Ways Technology Can Make Assisted Living Easier for Your Loved One

When it comes to transitioning a senior loved one to assisted living, the adjustment may not be easy. We have to keep in mind that they have been independent for all of their adult lives, which could be fifty or more years. Leaving behind a lifetime of memories is what is often most difficult and when they may have family in the same town or even right down the street, it becomes all the more difficult to move to a new community. However, with the help of a loving assisted living staff and a bit of digital technology, the transition just might not be as difficult as you (or they) had anticipated.

A Word About Choosing the Right Assisted Living Community

Before getting into the technology that will help make the transition easier for your senior loved one, let’s talk about what to look for in an assisted living community. It is vitally important that you take the time to really inspect the location and get to know the staff a little. For example, if you are looking for a community in New Jersey, you might want to check out the many services and amenities offered at their Brandywine Living Sycamore assisted living program in Shrewsbury. The staff understand just how difficult the transition might be and are there to help seniors acclimate to life at the Sycamore assisted living community while ensuring they get the services they require.

Technology for the Transition and Beyond

While there is a loving staff on-premises, that can only slightly compensate for being apart from a family, friends, and community that have always been such a huge part of their life. Once you know the move is imminent, it’s time to start gathering the devices that will make the transition easier. Here are 4 examples of digital technology you might explore.

  1. Digital Photo Frame.
  2. Tablet or Laptop with Internet Access.
  3. Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa Connectivity.
  4. Mobile phone with programmed contacts.

A digital photo frame is the ideal way to keep familiar faces near to them. Simply load the photos of friends, family, and familiar places so that they continually scroll. If they don’t already have a tablet or laptop, it’s time to invest in one. Show them how to connect via social media so that they can video chat often.

You just might discover that your loved one is already familiar with Facebook and Facebook video chat! Amazon Dot can be accessed through the Alexa app and will give your loved one the ability to set reminders and even control smart appliances through the Alexa app. It goes without saying that a mobile phone is of prime importance so that they can pick it up at any time to make a call. Just remember to program all the important contacts into the phone so that they can easily call when they need to hear a friendly voice.

Keep It Simple and Familiar

While there are many other kinds of digital technology you ‘could’ introduce them to, the four mentioned above are recommended for their ability to keep them connected to the people and places they have left behind. Keep the transition simple and familiar and you will probably notice that it will only be a few days, or weeks until they’ve settled into a lifestyle that is safe for them and reassuring for you.

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