4 Useful Gadgets That Even Technophobes Should Consider Getting

4 Useful Gadgets That Even Technophobes Should Consider Getting

Who ever imagined twenty years ago that buying 400$ headphones would be legitimate? Well, that’s the current reality – the massive interest in Sony’s new headphones is solid proof of that. Many see the hype around new gadgets as madness. They may not be completely wrong. People pay immense amounts of their capital over products that they don’t necessarily need just for the sake of having the newest version of a phone, drone, speakers, or scooter. What’s more concerning is the fact that many of them don’t have a whole lot of spare money in their bank accounts.

However, there’s no denying that gadgets have become an inseparable part of daily conduct. Who can imagine their lives without a smartphone and a computer? “Abundance tends to confuse us, and that’s only natural. Not everyone needs to have every type of available gadget,” said Ofir Bar, an investor with over two decades of experience in global markets, and a special interest in innovation and startups. “However, some gadgets have nowadays become essentials, and are here to stay.” In that case, what are the most basic and useful gadgets anyone should use?

Say cheese!

Dash cameras are a great tool for minimizing the risk of bad things happening to your car, or yourself as a driver. Burglars and careless drivers or pedestrians are a major threat to the cautious car owner.

When a car thief arrives at their desired vehicle, seeing a dash camera may discourage them from trying to breach it. Purchasing a dummy dash camera, however, may not always do the trick. After all, everybody knows these exist. Professional burglars may be able to identify a fake camera.

As for careless people on the road, having a dash camera may diminish hit-and-run accidents. Drivers who accidentally commit fender benders aren’t likely to run away without taking responsibility if they notice a dash camera. Investing some money in this gadget may, in the long run, save car owners thousands when facing their insurance company or the court.

It’s about Time

Hearing the notification ding makes us curious, and that’s only natural. As a result, people unlock their phone screens way too many times every day, and in many cases, for no good reason. Smartwatches confront this issue. This device allows smartphone owners to have a glimpse of what’s happening on their phones without the bother involved in physically holding and unlocking them. The watch is on your hand, so you don’t have to open your bag, pry in your pocket or go to the other room to check who called or texted you. This helps users better prioritize the notifications popping on the screen and be more focused on what they are doing right now.

Getting Rid of Cables

Is there anything more annoying than electronic devices’ wires getting tangled up? Wireless gadgets brought a true revolution into the world. Wireless headphones are a great example of that: Now, one can speak on the phone without needing to have it in arm’s reach, and without having to physically hold it. One can also listen to music while running, without the wires causing the earphone to slip out.

Maximize Time Potential

Here’s a suggestion for those of you who use public transportation – how about making better use of your commuting time? Take a tablet with you on the ride. It combines the advantages of a smartphone and a laptop, without the disadvantages of both. Using it, one can go through documents, read books, and watch videos or movies. There’s no need to carry heavy and bulky laptops everywhere or strain one’s eyes reading small letters on the smartphone screen. As a result of completing tasks or the latest episode of your favorite series while you are on the go, it’s more likely you’ll have more spare time when you’re at home. 

Gadgets are not Always Just a Trend

Gadgets are nowadays everywhere. There’s no denying that. Are all these devices essential? Probably not. However, the digital era sometimes ‘forces’ people to adjust themselves to it in some manner. “I believe those who define themselves as old-fashioned or technophobes shouldn’t throw innovations down the stairs without checking them out first,” Bar inferred. “These products may offer solutions to issues that were once left unanswered, and that can help them a lot.”

John Norwood
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