4 Reasons Why Your Choice of Wellness Software Matters to Your Clients

4 Reasons Why Your Choice of Wellness Software Matters to Your Clients

When you decide to invest in new software for your fitness center or similar business, it pays to look beyond how you and your staff will use the product. Consider how your clients can download apps that talk to the software and help them manage a number of tasks associated with their membership. Whether you’re going with WellnessLiving software for dance studios or software that’s perfect for your gym, here are a few of the reasons why your choice will matter to your client base.

Checking In and Out With Ease

Some people like to work out before work. Others come in on the way home. With either situation, the last thing they want to do is stand in a line waiting to be checked in at a front desk. The right software eliminates that issue completely.

With the app, your clients can check in as they enter the building. When they finish and are ready to leave, they check out. Your team still knows who is on the premises and the clients don’t have to wait in line. Everyone wins.

The Convenience of Booking Time With Private Trainers

If you offer private sessions with trainers or instructors, the concept of appointment booking software that clients can use to request and confirm those private training sessions is a must. The app will allow them to submit the request any time of the day or night. Your staff will see the request when the next business day starts and can handle the scheduling on your end.

Once it’s done, the software can generate a confirmation that’s returned to the client in the form of a text, an email, or even some type of private message through the app. That’s much more convenient than trying to remember to call and ask for the booking during regular business hours.

Knowing What Special Events are Coming Up Soon

Use the app to create notices about special events that are coming up soon. Perhaps you’re going to have an open house that allows current clients to bring friends without having to pay any type of fee two weeks from this Friday. Maybe you’re planning a celebration to honor the fifth anniversary of the day you opened the doors. Perhaps you want to offer some sort of discount or maybe a reward for any members who sign up new ones.

Whatever the nature of the special event, members aren’t going to participate if they don’t know about it or only find out at the last minute. Apps that can spread the word in a timely manner will likely boost attendance and make things more enjoyable for everyone involved.

And Don’t Forget Registering for Classes

The right app will definitely make registering for upcoming classes much simpler. Use it to notify members that new classes are now of the schedule. Allow them to respond to register for any class that interests them. Once they are added to the class roster, the software can be used to generate a confirmation so everyone knows the registration is complete. From there, you can use the software to remind registered attendees of the date and time for the next class.

These are only some of the ways that the right software makes life easier for your client base. Explore other features that they can put to good use. The right software and app will make things easier for the staff and provide your clients with one more reason to keep coming back from year to year.

John Norwood
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