4 Kinds of Devices Used for Streaming Videos

4 Kinds of Devices Used for Streaming Videos

You may have heard about streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ and want to give it a try. However, you don’t know which of your devices support video streaming.

Here’s a handy guide to determine what kind of devices can be used for streaming video content, as well as streaming recommendations for those who want to maximize their experience.

Laptops and Desktop Computers

If you happen to have a computer that runs macOS or Windows, then you’re in luck! Chances are that you’ll be able to stream video without running into any issues.

As long as it’s not too slow or too old (Windows 7 is probably the barest minimum), then you can watch content freely. Newer machines will have an HDMI port you can use to connect to a projector, TV or monitor.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are multimedia centers that allow you to watch live TV, browse the internet and yes, stream video content from apps. Smart TVs can have Android or their own proprietary platform where apps are downloaded on their respective ‘stores’.

Set Top Boxes

You can purchase a dedicated streaming device, often called STBs, dongles or media streamers and connect it to a compatible TV or monitor. These devices usually run Android or iOS (in the case of the Apple TV), which means you can download streaming apps such as YouTube, Apple TV+ or Amazon Prime, among others.

STBs are cheap and they can be used to make a dumb TV ‘smart’. Some even come with its own remote.


Your mobile phone can be used to stream video content. If it can open a browser or has the App Store or Play Store, then it can be used for streaming purposes.

What’s more, you’ll be able to watch videos on the go with a mobile network data subscription.

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