3 Ways to improve your home workout intensity

3 Ways to improve your home workout intensity

Home workouts are a great way to keep yourself fit. The trend in gyms is great, where a trailer, great equipment, and proper timing are given to each individual. Nonetheless, some people don’t have the time to go to the gym and workout. This is where home training comes in. If you can’t access a gym or are too busy for that, you can always rely on this.

Home training with pre workouts supplements can be a great way to keep yourself fit. Home-based gyms are easier to handle, less time-consuming, and free of cost. Especially with the plethora of information available on the internet, it’s easy to follow from your home.

Intensifying your workout

Many people face one problem: home workouts or any workout routine will become ineffective if not modified. As your body gets accustomed to your routine, it won’t have the same effect it did before. That’s why it’s necessary to up your game and we’ll tell you how.

Slow-paced increased reps

The first step to intensifying your home workout is to modify your reps. The first thing to change is your time to get one rep done. For example, if you take 40 seconds to do a set of an exercise, you can slow your pace and take it up to 50. This will slow your pace and give you a more intense rep. Furthermore, with this, you have to increase the total reps too. If you were doing three first, you could do 4, and so on.

The main thing to remember is that these changes have to be made gradually. If you can quickly change your routine, it may hurt or strain your muscles. That is why it’s better to increase and alter your workout one step after another. Start by a few more seconds, a few more squats, and work your way up.

Decreasing resting times

Another thing you can do is decrease the time you take a break. This resting time is the time you take off between different workouts. So after a few reps of a particular exercise, if you usually take breaks of around 20 seconds, you have to decrease it by a few seconds every week until you get a resting time optimal for yourself. In the meantime, you can also add more workouts during breaks to further intensify the entire routine. You can jump ropes or do some more cardio.

Adding jumps

A great way to take your training up a notch is to add jumps in it. This means that you can modify it by adding jumping to whatever exercise you do. For example, casual squats can be made more intense by making them jumping squats, or you can modify your regular push-ups to a jumping or clapping push where you clap or jump after each one. Small modifications like these can increase the intensity of the same routine.

Final thoughts

Home workouts are a great way to save time and get similar results. Unfortunately, unlike gyms, you can’t keep increasing your weights or speed on the treadmill working from home. That is why if you are looking forward to up your workout routine at home, you can try the above.

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