10 Strange and Interesting Facts About Blinds

10 Strange and Interesting Facts About Blinds

Decorative blinds and shades have been around for centuries and aren’t only pretty additions to improve your interior décor. First used by our ancestors to protect themselves from the harsh elements, these days they come in a variety of colours and materials to suit any home or business.

Update the outside of your home by installing the best outdoor blinds Melbourne has to offer. Outdoor blinds are perfect for shielding your patio from the wind and sun while not obstructing your beautiful view. Here are some interesting facts about blinds that you properly didn’t know. Be inspired to add these items to your home!

Blinds Through the Ages

Our caveman ancestors knew how important it was to shield themselves from the blazing sunlight. They used animal skins soaked in water and hung them over the openings of caves and simple shelters.

When the wind blew on the animal hides, this created a cooling effect that helped drop the temperature inside. The animal skins also provided a sense of privacy and helped to keep bugs away.   

Marble Window Coverings

You may think that marble blinds are a futuristic idea that we can look forward to in the year 2040 but in actual fact they are one of the oldest window coverings. Found in the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, residents constructed marble slats to divert the sun rays and cool down their homes.

The marble slats provided protection from storms and kept prying eyes from looking in.

Venetian Blinds Aren’t Venetian

The most popular type of blind known today is the venetian blind, but did you know they aren’t venetian at all? They first originated in Persia during the 1500s. Demand became so popular that venetian merchants brought slaves from Persia to weave the blinds to keep up with the demand.

It was said that the first “venetian” blinds can be traced back to the Egyptians that used river reeds tied together to hang over windows and doors. This was to create privacy and keep out the sun.  

Blinds can Decrease Carbon Dioxide

When choosing blinds, opt for natural materials as these have been proven to diminish the amount of carbon dioxide that is found in your home. Wooden blinds create the perfect finishing, that looks great and is eco-friendly.

A Breath of Fresh Air

In the olden times, blinds were used to keep the elements out, but very little thought was given to the fact that they also kept everything in. There was little to no ventilation. That meant that smoke from cooking and many smells got trapped inside.

If a member of the family fell ill the germs were contained inside the home and usually made the entire family sick. The smell inside could get quite rank, and people would often need to go outside just to breathe in the fresh air. The importance of ventilation only became apparent much later on.

Roman Blinds

In Rome, when construction of the Great Coliseum was taking place, the area got very dusty and citizens needed a way to protect their homes from the debris. They started to hang wet clothes over the windows and doors to prevent the dust from entering. 

It worked so well that it later got modified to a retractable canvas known as a velarium. This design was even used to shelter spectators at the Coliseum and that’s where the name roman blinds originated from.

Blinds in the Victorian Era

Only the wealthy were able to afford fabric in bright colours as they were extremely expensive. Dark fabric in dull colours such as dark brown, green and burgundy where all that most citizens could afford. This gave the houses a spooky look.

Roller Shade Art

The first roller shades were made from translucent cloth or thin paper. People then decorated them by hand painting them with their own unique designs and artwork. These beautiful paintings could be seen from inside the home and by those passing by. As demand increased, they became mass-produced with higher quality images.

The Invention of Cellular Shades

Fast forward a few years to the invention of air conditioners and room heaters. These inventions gave us a greater level of comfort but also came with a heavy price. Energy bills started adding up and it was clear another solution would need to be found.

Cellular shades where invented to reduce energy costs. These window coverings are great at preventing heat loss and stop heat from entering the home. This is due to their honeycomb structure that traps air and forms a barrier of protection around the window.

Black Window Blinds

If you work nightshift and need to get some much-needed rest during the day, you should install black blinds on your windows. They are proven to keep out the light more efficiently than their colourful counterparts.

An added benefit is that black material will attract warmth from the sunlight that will help heat up the room on chilly days.

Blinds and window coverings can be traced back centuries, so our forefathers knew how important they were. These days technology has increased the effectiveness of blinds and they can be found in nearly every home around the world. Will you now install alfresco blinds Melbourne homeowners love or will it be a black set to help you sleep during the day?

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