Ziddu is powered by Blockchain technology with ERC20 Token Standard

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Ziddu Coin is a Blockchain based Cryptocurrency

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967 78 0.63326 0.63328 27 758
402 824 0.63325 0.63329 880 777
882 11 0.63324 0.63330 551 38
320 615 0.63323 0.63331 482 616
89 610 0.63322 0.63332 146 508

Industry Size

The world of money and finance is transforming before our eyes. Digitised assets and innovative financial channels, instruments and systems are creating new paradigms for financial transaction and forging alternative conduits of capital.

Digital sales now represent 74% of the US game market. In 2016, the total spend on games content was $24.5 billion. Digital has been accounting for a bigger and bigger portion of the sales total each year, and in 2016 that portion was 74%, including full game digital downloads, subscriptions, DLC, mobile and social.

The flourishing games business has contributed over $11.7 billion to the US GDP last year, and the ESA notes that there are over 65,000 employees at game companies across the nation currently, with the average compensation in 2016 being $97,000. All told, there are 2,322 developer locations across all 50 states with 526 publisher locations across 44 states.

As for the consumers pouring the money into the market, the ESA reports that 67% of US households now own a gaming device.

65% of households being home to a person who plays at least three hours a week.

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