What is computer activity monitoring software and how does it work?

What is Computer Activity Monitoring Software and How does it Work?

Computer activities monitoring software has been a buzzword as of late. The ability to see what employees are doing on their computers is an appealing prospect for many businesses. But this can also lead to information that is hidden and hard to detect even if you already have an internet filter or some other security software in place. 

However, with an advanced monitoring program, you can detect public information from social networks, locate confidential data sources, and monitor application usage. This article looks at how computer activity monitoring software can help your business.

What is computer activity monitoring?

Computer activity monitoring is a way to track a target computer’s actions. It’s a great way to track your employees’ work activities throughout the day.

With a computer monitoring software, you can see which sites your employees visit, how much time they spend on each site, and what files they download. This information can help you determine whether or not someone is working or goofing on the job.

The recorded data is ideal for analyzing how your employees use their computers, what type of activities they perform, and how long they spend on each task. This information can help you improve work efficiency, reduce time spent on tasks, and increase productivity.

How does computer activity monitoring work?

Computer activity monitoring is a process that involves the tracking of the activities performed by a computer. The purpose of this is to monitor and record what happens on a computer system and store information about it. You may also want to understand how to block websites that hamper productivity.

Computer activity monitoring can be a powerful tool in your company’s security arsenal. It uses a variety of methods to track user activity, including:

Screen capture

Records what’s happening on a screen.

File transfer tracking

Tracks the movement of files and documents from one location to another, helping you keep tabs on who is accessing files and how often.

Printed document tracking

Tracks what documents were printed and by whom, giving you an idea of the information accessed.

User behavior analytics

Analyzes how users interact with their computers so you can see who spends the most time using specific programs.

GPS tracking 

Allows you to monitor employees who work remotely.

How computer activity monitoring improves employee productivity

Computer activity monitoring with https://www.workexaminer.com/ is a great way to improve employee productivity. If you’re not doing it, you should start! Here’s why:

  • It helps you identify which employees are working hard and which need some extra motivation.
  • It lets you know who’s working late at the office and who isn’t. If there’s a problem with one person’s work ethic, you can address it immediately instead of waiting for them to arrive late or leave early on their own accord.
  • It gives you insight into what computer programs your employees access, and how they use them. If someone spends too much time on Facebook instead of doing their job, there can be a discussion about why that might be happening. You can identify steps to resolve it in a productive way for everyone.

Bottom line

As evident above, there are plenty of reasons you should monitor the computers at the workplace. Sometimes employees will use work computers for personal things they are not allowed to. It can lead to problems with security. 

In the end, it comes down to protecting your business assets. A remote computer monitoring software program is the smart way to do that. It can improve work productivity, decrease legal liability, and protect you from workplace lawsuits.

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