Types of Earrings For Girls That You Should Buy ASAP

Types of Earrings For Girls That You Should Buy ASAP

Nothing pulls a look together as good as a pair of gold earrings for girls. You can accentuate even the simplest dress of yours with the movement and peek-a-boo flicker of earrings. At Vaibhav Jewellers, gold earrings come in various styles to match your fashion taste. Each pair in our collection has been designed and crafted to the highest standards, using only 14K, 18K and 22K gold and carefully selected precious and semi-precious gems and stones. The versatility and comparability of Vaibhav Jewellers’ gold earrings for girls make it a collection worth owning.

From studs to hoops and traditional to contemporary, we have got you covered!

Best in Bridal 

Timeless, in its truest sense, the earrings for girls in our opulent bridal collection are quintessentially rococo in their characteristics. The breathtaking charm of jewellery, designed in the allure of Royal Victorian, Vintage, antique, jadau, aqua and many more modern styles, can stand out in any glamorous crowd. 

Why should women have all the fun? Groom-to-be draws equal attention during a wedding ceremony. And as a renowned jewellery brand, we always try our best to strike a balance between both partners when it comes to wedding jewellery. So, we have a built dedicated section for men who will soon walk down the aisle. From bulky gold rings for men to striking necklaces from brooches to cufflinks and kalgis, there is everything to help him top the fashion leaderboard. 

Go Gem-y

Gemstone earrings are something that is going to stay in trend for a long time. We might see some minute changes in styles and designs. However, intricately crafted, luxury earrings for girls will always been vogue. The bold and chunky pieces are usually reserved for special events. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear gem jewellery every day. Keeping in mind the nature of occasions and how you socialise in the new normal, our master jewellers have created a series of daintier, smaller earpieces.  With these, you can pull minimalistic looks at private gatherings. For an extra dash of glamour, pair them with elegant necklaces and stack bangles.

Traditional Take

You think of clean silhouettes, bespoke cuts, and minor details when you consider classic clothing. It is the same thing when we imagine classic earrings for girls. Traditional craftsmanship like Pachi, Polki, and Temple are the top players in this category. The concept of beautiful conventional jewellery ruling the fashion mise en scène tells tales of India’s rich cultural history. Typically temple artwork on these earrings draws inspiration from the architecture, sculptures and carvings on temple pillars and doorways. A Polki earring features unrefined, unprocessed diamonds in their natural form with no synthetic intensification done. Likewise, Pachi work involves detailed stonework using single un-cut diamonds called Polkis and different semi-precious stones. What made our traditional earrings modern woman’s dream jewellery? Well, our artisans walked an extra mile to add an eclectic and contemporary edge to all these designs deeply rooted in tradition. The old-world charm and modern-era glam of these earrings for girls work wonders for all skin tones. Available in versatile models, from studs to hanging, these jewellery pieces can be worn by women of any age.

The Stud Theory

Stud earrings are an H-I-T lately, and the big news? They’re not going anywhere. Studs are probably the jewellery essentials for someone who loves to look sleek, sharp and stylish. Our stud earrings for girls will undoubtedly give a quirky edge to your look. We have created an extensive collection for the urban you, who follow the design mantra of the hour, “Less is more.” Sparkly and girly stud earrings paired with your formal outfits can never fail to leave an impression. Though the concept of studs is old, we have aligned it with modern techniques. We can proudly say that irregular shapes provide classic studs with a more contemporary update. So, you even can wear them to any casual event with élan. These unique earrings are definitely head-turning.

Let your style speak for itself when you step out wearing these spectacular earrings for girls from Vaibhav Jewellers. 

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