The broad comparison of the Six Sigma certification and PMP certification

The broad comparison of the Six Sigma certification and PMP certification

The PMP certification Austin is a very popular certification option among the people so that they can achieve the personal as well as professional goals very easily. On the other hand, six Sigma certification is another option for the people. Both of these kinds of certifications add great value to the resume of the individuals and are based upon several months of preparation so that one can become successful.

The broad comparison of these two certifications has been mentioned as follows:

  • The project management certification will be utilizing different kinds of tools and resources so that the implementation of the projects can be done efficiently. On the other hand, the six Sigma certification will specialize into the elimination of the wasteful processes so that efficiency can be increased and productivity can be insured.
  • The project management certification is based upon different kinds of methodologies for example waterfall, scrum, agile and various other kinds of procedures. On the other hand, the methodology under the six Sigma is based upon standardization of the task so that defects can be reduced and the mostly methodology which is followed is referred to as the DMAIC methodology.
  • The general phases in the project management institution examination certification can include the initiating, executing, planning, monitoring, controlling and closing of the project. On the other hand, the general phases in the Six Sigma certification include the defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling the things so that results are maintained and efficiency is ensured.
  • The PMP certification is always offered by the governing party which is known as the project management institution and on the other hand, there is no governing body in the six Sigma certification because it is a mathematical driven methodology. Under the six Sigma, people can receive the certification after obtaining multiple scores and on the other hand under the PMP people can receive the certification by clearing the examination.

 The choice of these two certifications will always depend upon the requirements of the individuals and career-related goals of the people so that they can decide accordingly. The Six Sigma approach is also based upon approaches like total quality management, just-in-time, continuous quality improvement in several other kinds of improvement related initiatives. Deciding to go with which of the certification is good will always is based upon self-reflection of the individuals and long-term career-related goals. It is also very much important for the people to go with that particular option which is easy to implement and is based upon predetermined projects so that people can take the best possible advantage of the opportunities. Both of these kinds of methodologies are based upon the product management field but the six Sigma also specifically focuses on improving the efficiency and on the other hand the PMP focuses on a wider range of project-related principles only. Hence, both of these kinds of options are worth it which is the main reason that people must indulge in best PMP online training which will allow them to achieve their goals easily and efficiently.

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